TEENAGE HEAD - Head Disorder

TEENAGE HEAD Head Disorder 1996 Loud Rock Records (I.M.D.) 320 kbps
Head disorder / Down to the underground / Walkin' alone / So long goodbye / She's my girl / Seen it and done it / Gene and Eddie / Send a letter / Glasgow's cryin / My mommies pot / First time / Rock with rock .
Produced by M. S. Berry
Teenage Head 1996 were : F. Venom : vocals / G. Lewis : guitar / S. Marshall : bass /M. Lockerbie : drums

In 1988, Frankie Venom's (who has left Teenage Head to pursue a solo career ) long awaited return to the band was diminished by drummer Nick Stipanitz leaving the band due to personal issues. He was replaced by Mark Lockerbie and the boys eventually recorded the critically acclaimed LP Head Disorder. Soon after, the legal wrangling began as the band sought to recover royalties that had been misappropriated over the years by their long time manager; a battle that was ruled on by the courts in the bands favour.
Yet, while facing a series of overwhelming setbacks, the band refused to die. And 32 years after they got together, 3/4 of the original band joined by veteran drummer Jack Pedler, is in the final stage of restoring Teenage Head to it's former glory.
Starting with their first release in 12 years, recorded with the legend and Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductee Marky Ramone on drums and Daniel Rey producing. The band continues to pack clubs with old, and new fans with performances in the spirit of the old days while their historical first album has been remastered and released on the band's own label Lobotronics (2005) Inc.
(...and in the same time "Frantic city" & "Some kinda fun" remastered , released on Unidisc Music !)

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Teenage Head : "Head disorder"
320 kbps + covers


Enjoy it & Merry Christmas !!!

popphil a dit…

A million thanks for the TEENAGE HEAD posts.
Personally, I would like to hear the 'Electric Guitar' Lp from 1988 with Dave Rave on vocals and a nice cover sleeve.
Any chance you could post this record to complete the collection?
Merci de toute manière.

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Pour le lp "Electric guitar" qui effectivement bénéficie d'une magnifique pochette et de l'excellent D Rave à la guitare (Il a toujours été très proche du groupe et est crédité sur plusieurs de leurs disques dont le premier ! Il faut acheter les 2 vol de l'anthologie qui lui est consacrée ou un disque du Dave Rave Group !) : il devrait ainsi que "Tornado" être posté sur le blog PVAc to 44.1 kHz !
Plus tard je posterai le live "Endless party" et normalement devrait suivre le dernier manquant "Welcome to the jungle" mais il nous faut , enfin Max, faire les pochettes : cela va donc demander un certain temps !