THE SENDERS - 1st sp

SINGLES THE SENDERS The living end / No more foolin' 1978 SRI records wav
Produced by The Senders.
The Senders : Phil Marcade : vocals , harp / Wild Bill Thompson : guitar / Steve Shevlin : bass / Tony Machine : drums.
The Senders played their first gig at a club called Copperfield's on 8th St. In New York City in the winter of 1977. The brain-child of PHIL MARCADE and STEVE SHEVLIN, The Senders, along with the A-Bones, The Cramps, Suicide, The Fleshtones and Mink Deville were the first wave of neo-garage/retro RnB/rockabilly-rock to hit New York's flowering punk scene. Lead singer PHIL MARCADE grew up in Paris and came to the states at age 17 (to join the freaks..). Working as a roadie for Johnny Thunders' legendary HEARTBREAKERS in the days of Richard Hell, he met bass player and former boxer STEVE SHEVLIN through Johnny in '76. Steve, an old pal of Thunders himself, was known for being quite a stylish dandie, all shark-skin suits and tab-collar shirts tailored at Puerto-Rican shops on Avenue B. A Golden Glove boxing champ, he'd been plucking a Fender bass for awhile thinking of a new career... Phil and Steve shared a passionate interest for vintage Blues and RnB, and they spent a good deal of 1976 at Steve's loft on 10th St. And Avenue D listening to records by Elmore James, Slim Harpo, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm and all the other Rhythm and Blues artists. They also really liked British Pub-rock masters DOCTOR FEELGOOD. With PHIL first on drums and Jorge Ritter and Laurie Reed on guitars, they put the band together, called themselves YAKETY YAK first then switched to THE SENDERS. And with pal BRUCE BALBONI as manager, they started to book gigs in the village. Within a few months Phil leaves the drums to lead the band. They are joined on drums first by TONY MACHINE, then by the incredible MARC BOURSET (a.k.a. The Little MOE TRUCKS), and Jorge and Reedy are replaced by JOHNNY THUNDERS first for a few gigs then and finally by their all-time legend WILD BILL THOMPSON on guitar. Bill, a Long Island native, already had quite a reputation as a great blues guitar player on his own turf. Also a Doctor Feelgood fan, he'd seen and really dug The Senders a few times during '77, and when he walked in Steve's loft to audition, the band was complete. By early '78 they'd become regulars at punk mecca MAX'S KANSAS CITY, often sharing the stage on crazed Saturday nights with The Heartbreakers, Robert Gordon, Blondie, The Zantees or The Contortions. They also played C.B.G.B. frequently, with The Ramones, The Dead Boys and Mink Deville. They were often seen jamming with Johnny Thunders, Chris Spedding and a young up and coming Brian Setzer (still in his Bloodless Pharohs days). They released their first single themselves in November of '78: THE LIVING END b/w NO MORE FOOLIN' ME.
From The senders Story : http://membres.lycos.fr/thesenders/history1.htm
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork cleaned by Max.

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THE SENDERS 1st sp wav + covers by Max

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Great post! Thanks MR! Early Senders stuff is so hard to find. The compilation tends to concentrate on the later period.

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Thanks a lot...much appreciated.
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