RADIO BIRDMAN Surfin' at 2JJJ 1976 EP Compassion Explosion records Flac
Surf city / Don't look back / Time won't let me / Transmaniacom MC
Radio Birdman : Rob Younger : vocals / Deniz Tek : guitar / Warwick Gilbert : bass / Phillip 'Pip' Hoyle : keyboards / Ron Keeley : drums .
Radio Birdman was one of the first punk bands in Australia. Deniz Tek and Rob Younger formed the group in Sydney, Australia in 1974. The group influenced the work of many successful, mainstream bands, and is now considered to be one of the most crucial bands to Australia's musical growth, but their main legacy was their towering influence over Australian indie rock in the 1980s.
Surfin' at 2JJJ is a bootleg EP (vinyl 7 inch format) from the JJJ sessions in 1976 ! Considering it was booted from a live to air broadcost the sound suffers a little ...

Thanks to Deniz66 for music & scans !!!

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RADIO BIRDMAN Surfin' at 2JJJ Flac + covers

Thanks to Deniz66 for the rip & scans !

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Rob-Trav a dit…

G'day, just like to say what a great blog this is and have added a link to you on my new blog. I'm just getting the hang of things and reckon you should check it out. Anyway thanks for all the great posts. P.S as anyone in this part of the world will tell you Radio Birdman are the ducks guts! Thanks, Rob.

vex_voxtone a dit…

RADIO BIRDMAN was the essence of RNR ... these guys were and always will be THE REAL THING ... also Deniz Tek is probably the most underrated guitarist in rock history and no one can remotely copy his sound and his playing. Thanx for this share man !!