THE LOVE JUNKIES - Rock'n'roll baby

THE LOVE JUNKIES Rock'n'roll baby / Nobody like you 7" 1984 Good records 320 kbps

The Love Junkies : Steve Bardot : vocals / Rusty Needles : lead guitar / Smiffy : rhythm guitar / Lixx : bass / Alco Caney : drums .

The Love Junkies formed in London , in summer 1982 from ashes of several local punk bands (the most noted being Schizo Babies). The line up was – Stevie Bardot (vocals), Rusty Needles (lead guitar), Smiffy (rhythm guitar), Lixx (bass) Alco Caney (drums). The band were regulars on the club circuit for a couple of years being described by Melody Maker as the UKs greatest ‘glam punk rock n roll band’. They released the self-financed "Rock'n'Roll Baby" single in 1984 which in turn lead to deal with Toothbrush Klan Records in UK. The band split during the recording of their first album ("More Tea Vicar ?") which remained uncompleted although bootleg copies were available around London for some months. Following the split Lixx and Rusty Needles went on to form Heartbreak Beat in 1985 who garnered much press interest but spilt two years later. Lead singer Bardot left to pursue a career in the circus while the remaining two members ‘got religion’ and disappeared off the radar. Lixx and Needles still occasionally perform with psychedelic cheese covers band Vic Lurgi and There Are No Sheep In Mongolia’ . There is a possibility that the band may reform next year for a few select gigs . The "Rock'n'Roll Baby" single was sold at gigs only and had a limited run of only 2000 copies – the single features Cindy Jackson (then of Joe Public - now famous in the world of cosmetic surgery) on backing vocals.
A friend of the blog from England , Gavin , sent me this single
There is no picture sleeve with the single. Gavin have scanned the covers from a bootleg which he got from Lixx , the bass player of the The Love Junkies who is now a tattooist in Brighton . Lixx sent this brief story to Gavin .
If you want to see a You Tube video of the Love Junkies on stage go here !

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THE LOVE JUNKIES Rock'n'roll baby 320 kbps + covers

Thanks to Gavin !

Enjoy this lost gem & if you like it leave comments !

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you. Really a little gem.

vex_voxtone a dit…

What a great single!!!
Those were the times when Hanoi Rocks were the kings of the Marquee and the rivers of sleaze were runnin down the streets of London.
Thanx so much !!!

raul a dit…

Woowwww!!!!! Killer 7". Thank you.