THE PILLS - A fistful of pills

THE PILLS A fistful of pills cd 2004 Primary Voltage 320 kbps
Hang on tight / Butterfield 8 / Continental breakfast / Good thing going / Brand new pair of eyes / Rock'n'roll heart / Fighting words / Slam book / You could have kept that to yourself / Almost Inman square / Rub my eyes / Kissing the dirt / Ballad of Don Crawford.
Produced by Roger Lavallee and the Pills.
The Pills : Dave Aaronoff : guitar , vocals , keyboards / Corin Ashley : bass , vocals / David Thompson : guitar, vocals / Jamie Vavra : drums .
+ Cory Harding : stunt guitar , vocals / Shannon Cooper : violin / Roger Lavallee : vocals , marxaphone , clockenspiel , synth.
Since 1995, The Pills have been Boston's preeminent power pop faction, blending a hard-hitting guitar assault akin to the Smithereens with the rapid roar of the Jam. "A Fistful of Pills" finds the group more forceful than ever, with the addition of one-time Shods and Mighty Might Bosstones guitarist Dave Aaronoff. The tight, bluesy blast of "Hang On Tight" starts the commotion that evolves into the quirky roar of "Butterfield 8." Fascinations with early Cheap Trick and the Knack abound, if the blistering "Good Thing Going" is any indication, and the undeniable, spirited delivery of tracks like "Brand New Pair of Eyes," and "Rock & Roll Heart" prove that whether it's bassist Corin Ashley, or guitarist David Thompson handling the lead vocal chores, the results are usually good. "Rub My Eyes" is even brilliant, recalling 1970s nuggets by the Records and Bram Tchaikosky, but the thirty-second shot of "Continental Breakfast" is pretty disposable. The countrified "Ballad of Don Crawford" affirms suspicions that there could be more to the Pills in the future than just skilled, easily digested mod rock. Just the same, the bulk of "A fistful of Pills" is a blast. Now take your medicine . Allmusic

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THE PILLS : A fistful of Pills 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

J'adore les Smithereens donc je vais jeter une ouïe aux Pills...
Merci MR

LakerCrazy a dit…

Please could you re-do the link for this one. RS link is dead. thanks in advance.