THE PAINE BROTHERS - Honky tonk hell

THE PAINE BROTHERS Honky tonk hell cd 1992 New Rose Records 320 kbps
Just a rock song / She thinks I'm trash / So young , so bad ... so what / Rebelene / Round about way / Honey make a beeline / (Don't sell my daddy) No more whiskey / You're looking good / (Don't treat me like a dog) Love this cat / Hey Tonya Jean / All or nothing love / Honky tonk hell.
Produced by the Paine Brothers.
Guitars : Bobby & Larson Paine /Brian Setzer / John Walmsley.
Bass : Bobby Paine / Dennis Croy.
Drums : Gary Fergusson / Davey Crockett /Donald Lindley /Spit Stix.
Piano & fiddle : John Walmsley.
Harmonica : Larson Paine , Pete Anderson.
A damned rollin' band near the bone with a bunch of original rockin' songs! Does Brian Setzer play with anybody ?

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THE PAINE BROTHERS Honky Tonk Hell 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

where is the link friend?:)

carlos a dit…

Many thankx, another great post here. Really fantastic record.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey anonyme, if you're clever enough to write comments and forget to say thanX to Midnight Rambler you should be clever enough, too, to find the link! But if you're not: click the title in the blog!
And HoorayHoorayThanX to Mighnight Rambler for another gem!

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great stuff!,many thanks!AND FOR U
GoodGuy666,the link was not active at the time,thats why i asked for it.im not ungratteful so dont judge me.thanks again Mighnight Rambler!


hi guys
it's my own fault & Rapidshare worked poorly yesterday !

Anonyme a dit…

Heya folks,
the mystery of the songs on which Brian played still remains. I can affirm that he's on Honky Tonk Hell and I have my doubts about other songs like Honey Make A Beeline or Tonya Jean. Any ideas??

Jon (Spain)