HITMEN D.T.K. - Surfin' in another direction

HITMEN D.T.K. Surfin' in another direction cd 1992 Revenge records 320 kbps
Surfin' in another direction /Sleep & dream / This bar / Too many girls /Ready to ride / St Valentine's day /Cat fight / Pop's all gone / Come tomorrow / Heart full of hate / The party's over / Little black dress / Justice blind / Gone wild / Slice of life / UELA .
Produced by Andy Bradley & Chris Mazuak.
Hitmen D.T.K. : Johnny Kannis : vocals / Chris Mazuak : guitars / Shane Cooke : bass / Gerald Presland : drums .
Guests : Deniz Tek : guitar & harmonica / Sugar Hill Tabernacle Choir : backing vocals & general mayhem.
SURFING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION A new Hitmen DTK line-up travelled to Houston, Texas USA to record what would be the “Moronic Inferno” album, with ex-Birdman mixer Mort Bradley at the controls and the same band’s guitarist, Deniz Tek, guesting. (The recording sessions marked a return from premature retirement for Tek, then living in the USA and not playing much music). The album was a strong slice of pop-orientated rock and roll with some of the songs dating from the Hitmen’s earliest days. It was issued in November 1991 with a four track CD single “Surfing in Another Direction” accompanying it. The band – with Tek guesting – played out in Australia in late ’91 to promote it. The Hitmen then went on to support Dark Carnival (featuring ex-Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and Detroit's Queen, Niagara on Vocals) on their Australian tour in December. The band folded soon after, Kannis moving to Queensland to promote music and Masuak going on to the bluesy Juke Savages, a career in natural healing and, eventually, a re-formed Radio Birdman and his own Klondike’s North 40.
Derivative, but undeniably spirited, the Hitmen left a lasting mark. Too rockin’ to be pop, and too hooky for the metal-heads, they similarly confounded record company marketing departments but delighted a generation of gig goers all over Australia. Since then, there have been threatened Hitmen re formations, all to no avail – UNTIL NOW!!!!!!
DIVINE PROVIDENCE Call it what you like, but there’s no doubt that history, good fortune and destiny have conspired to deliver the cleanest, most pre-determined HITMEN line-up since 1981. Drawing together ONLY members with previous service to the HITMEN, (or bands with only one degree of separation), these five men have truly earned their Rock 'n' Roll commissions. •Johnny Kannis, Chris Masuak & Tony Robertson all return as original soldiers. •Tony Jukic is re-called to active service from The Johnny Kannis Explosion. •Muzz Shepherd, chief Tribesman and brother of original member Brad (currently serving in another war), now proud to serve in his stead. NOT a loose collection of reformed musicians!! Rather, a genetically spliced SupaHuman, featuring both original and family DNA. This is truly the Next Generation of THE HITMEN. The Creature is Re-Born!! Myspace.com HITMEN

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HITMEN DTK "Surfin'in another direction" 320 kbps + covers

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