VA - BULLET PROOF POEMS - The (Un) Authorised DOGS D'AMOUR Tribute Album

V/A Bullet Proof Poems - The (Un)Authorised DOGS D'AMOUR Tribute Album cd 1999 Desert Inn Records 320 kbps
HUNDRED MILLIONS MARTIANS : How doi you fall in love again? / THE JACKALS : Gold / THE SUBTERRANEANS : How come it never rains / THE SKIDMARK HEROES : Saviour / TRASH MAVERICKS : Comfort of the devil / THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS : Debauchery /JOHN TONIC : Last bandit / BURNIN' PIPE HARMONY : Baby glass / JEFF DAHL : Errol Flynn / NEIL LEYTON : Hate pain / THE BLACK HALOS : Mr Barfly / SATELLITE KIDS : Mad back Jack / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK : Empty world / BLACK ROSE GARDEN : Billy two rivers / TRASH BRATS : Firework girl / HIGHSCHOOL HELLCATS : No gipsy blood / SOFA KINGS : Heroine / PLAN 9 : Wait until I'm dead / JANY JAMES : Bullet proof poet / BASH NASTY : I don't want you to go / LAST CHANCE SALOON : In the dynamite Jet Saloon/ Swingin' the bottle .
Produced by Nick Barolo.
The Dogs D'Amour came out of the mid-80's with a unique mixture of glam- and punk-influenced stonesy rock'n'roll and a do-or-die attitude. They've been compared to The Faces and The Quireboys but to me have more of an edge and are lyrically more convincing, not to mention the coolest artwork ever to adorn album covers and sleeves. Their album from 1988, (Un)authorized Bootleg on China Records, is a hard-to-find collector's item with only 2000 copies printed. It's an official compilation of songs they played live since 1983 and before they landed their major recording deal, an answer to the bootlegging that took place back then. The breakthrough was made with the 1988 album In The Dynamite Jet Saloon followed by an acoustic ballad EP called A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles the year after (limited edition of 15'000 copies), which was very representative of Tyla's poetic style of sad romance and booze - it still kills me every time I listen to it. If Charles Bukowski is the prose and poetry of the whores and junkies and lonely hearts, this is their song and music. Lyrics that romanticize the low-life, the blue, sad and forgotten. Fascinating and sometimes mysterious songs about Cigarette Mustang Girls, Baby Monoxide, Firework Girl, Mr.Barfly and such timeless lines as "I fell in love when I fell down the stairs into the arms of a girl that really cared" or "Princess Valium on a stallion through the panavision sunset of my heart". Now legendary Dogs D'Amour gigs are surrounded by tales of debauchery and destruction, unadulterated rock'n'roll antics and excesses.
Here's an Italian Tribute (limited to 1000 ex.) with a lot of good bands covered a lot of Dogs songs !!!

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V/A BULLET PROOF POEMS : An (un)authorised tribute to the Dogs D'Amour 320 kbp + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

Were they glam? Were they Punk? Were they blues? ... most probably they were all of that but non the less for me they were one of the last true, honest RNR bands. There is a story that when great Andy Mccoy first saw Tyla asked him "are you in a band, because you should be" :) ... Also Dogs weren't poseurs or copy cats ... they lived the life of debauchery, booze and pills because for them it was the only possible way.
Anyway thanx for this share bro and all i can tell at the end is sex DOGS and rock n roll ;)

sedona sunrise a dit…

thanks for that, it's always nice to see the dogs appreciated

Anonyme a dit…

Yes, good to see the Dogs remembered.

Anonyme a dit…

it's good, you have the italian tributes to AC/DC & RADIO BIRDMAN?.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot...will be very interesting to hear how other bands performs Tyla and Co classic rock n roll diamonds.
Best Danny.

lectible a dit…

I love your review of this Midnight!! I would have to absolutely agree with the "coolest artwork ever". All artwork of course is done by Tyla himself (not to mention all the hand written liner notes & lyrics).

I've never ever heard ANY band do a Dogs D'Amour cover, so I'm anxious to hear this one! Thanks.