THE TROGGS - The 1975 lp

THE TROGGS The Troggs 1975 Pye 320 kbps

I got lovin' if you want it / Good vibrations / No particular place to go / Summertime / Satisfaction / Full blooded band / Memphis Tennessee / Peggy Sue / Jenny come down / Wild thing
Produced by Larry Page
The Troggs 1975 : R. Presley : vocals / R. Bond : drums / T. Murray : bass / R. Moore : electric guitar (+ P. Green : accoustic guitar )

In 1975 The Troggs were reunited again with Larry Page ( well known producer of The Kinks and The Troggs plus running the successful labels Page One and Penny Farthing ) - a move which further boosted their rejuvenation and yielded a brace of magnificent singles and two excellent ( if sadly underrated ) albums.
"Good vibrations" virtually defies description: an outrageous arrangement of one of rock's very icon , it deserved to have been a massive U.K. hit : but it was years ahead of his time !
"Full blooded band" is a long-forgotten Trogg original -a good-natured, humorous statement of exactly who and what the Troggs are all about : "...a beer sinkin' , hard drinkin' full blooded band ..." Selling the concept of a good night out, this is clearly a dig at the pretentiousness of mid-70's rock .In fact their 70's live set provides the bulk of the material here : R&B/R&R classics sit quite comfortably alongside Trogg originals - and their treatments of what are on the face of it well-worn chestnuts is unbelievable . They add a devastating freshness , vitality and validity to numbers like "No particular place to go" (one of my favorites) , "Got lovin' if you want it " and notably Peggy Sue - the latter is a remarkably brave effort and says a lot about the Troggs : who else would have the confidence to tackle something which Buddy Holly had personalised so comprehensively ? And the arrangement of "Wild thing" here will come as a surprise : a loping , reggae beat .

R. Dopson on the liner notes of the lp booklet .


Max s'est éclaté pour vous faire cette pochette !!!

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

The Troggs : Troggs 75
320 kbps + great covers made by MAX

link :

Enjoy it !

roBB a dit…

thank you very much for your hell of work, but the result is a really extraordinary blog!!!

saludos de Quito: RoBB

jeanbernardFrance a dit…

Grand merci pour ce magnifique album.Je l'avais achete a l'epoque et depuis les cds jamais reecoute.Plaisir assure;Dolls,Thunders,Troggs le meilleur du rock.

Anonyme a dit…

Surement un grand moment de
Rock'n'Roll !
Merci pour le temps que tu passes
sur ton blog pour notre "rock"culture.
Super Stuff.
un " TROGGS " fan !

fuxarko a dit…

Merci pour cette pépte;
le wild thing des troggs a été un déclencheur pour moi, l'envie d'acheter une guitare et de secouer la tête…
Super partage, super place!

Hugo Pedro a dit…

thanks for sharing this outstanding album...!
The Troggs' version of Chuck Berry's 'No particular place to go' is just sensational.