THE SECRETS ...Secrets 1983 Why-fi / Polydor 320 kbps

It's your heart tonight / Photographs of you / Uniform / Shy around girls /Drink a toast / Radio heart / I can dance better / I need a rock / Big girl now / You got respect

Produced by S. Lynch & G Penny

The Secrets 1983 : B. Hoad : guitar, vocals / S. Davis : lead guitar / N. Dahlor : bass / S. Davis : drums .

"The Secrets evolved from Gary Apple's backup band, who toured in 1978 to support his Monument album The First One's Free. Sometimes the band would open the show for Apple by doing their own material. According to the group it was a valuable experience, giving them time to play together and a regular salary. Monument eventually withdrew their tour support, so Apple and the band had to return to Kansas City.
About four months later, three members of Apple's band got back together and started playing the Kansas City area. "We didn't really have a name then," says vocalist/guitarist Brent Hoad. "We changed it each night." Hoad was a veteran of Lawrence's Mud Creek and Millionaire At Midnight. He was joined in the Secrets* by lead guitarist Steve Davis (who replaced Kevin Davis), bassist Norm Dahlor and drummer Pat Tomek. Steve Davis and Norm Dahlor had played together in Nation.
The Secrets* released a 1979 single on Kansas City's Titan Records. Only 1000 copies of "It's Your Heart Tonight" b/w "Get Your Radio", two Hoad songs, were pressed and were quickly gone. The Secrets* were a good match for the power pop record company, but the one single is all they ever did for Titan.
The band had a song on KY102's "Homegrown 1980" album. A couple of years later, the Secrets* did another single and an album for Canada's Quality label. In the band's six year history, the only personnel change was when Tomek left to join Kansas City's Rainmakers and later the Bombpops. Randy Miller replaced Tomek on drums.
In 1983 Davis and Dahlor played together in another band called the 4Sknns, and in 1987-88 they were both in True Stories. At that time, Davis was playing in the Crayons, too. He's now portraying George Harrison in Kansas City's Beatles tribute band Liverpool. Dahlor, who is also a veteran of Shooting Star, went on the road with ex-Styx member Tommy Shaw. Most Wednesday nights, Norm can now be found playing with former Rainmakers Bob Walkenhorst at Malloy Brothers Irish Pub in Kansas City’s Westport area. A few years ago, Brent Hoad was playing lead guitar, piano, mandolin and fiddle in the K.C. country band Ronni Ward and Cowtown. Since 1998, he and Norm Dahlor have played with the very popular Kansas City Celtic band the Elders. While playing with the Rainmakers, Pat Tomek began a computer graphics company that takes up most of his time these days, but he still finds a little time to play drums. He played behind Lawrence’s Kelley Hunt about ten years ago."
Bill Lee in "Kansas rockers-The first generation"
Max has made this splendid cover ... go to see the inlay !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

The Secrets : ... Secrets 320 kbps + splendid covers made by (the only one) Max !!!

Link :

We have not touched to the sound of the lp !

Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

Excellente idée de poster ce superbe album. Je profite de l’occasion pour remercier Max (avec beaucoup de retard) pour le très bon job pour les Real Impossibles - et pour les autres.
Have a good time.

auerfellow a dit…

hello,est ce que monde animal est dans les cartons. Merci pour tout.auer

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Il est presque refait ce monde animal : il n'attend plus que la féline patte de notre ami Max !

jeffen a dit…

It is a great rip of the cover. I have an old version but look forwards to hearing you rip.


Young Eliot a dit…

Does anyone know anywhere I can buy this record?

Nec a dit…

The Secrets* are phenomenal. My favorites are "Radio Heart" and the odd and beautiful "Uniform".

Ou est the Real Impossibles link?


If the links are not in the comments, you just click on the title of the post IN the blog !

Skip a dit…

Any chance you might repost? I can't find it anywhere & would love to hear...

Thanx in adv

genesis315 a dit…

hi, have just come across this link i would be really grateful if you could repost this, many thanks in advance, anthony

genesis315 a dit…

hi, just found this link and would really appreciate you reposting this album. many thanks, anthony