LYRES Some Lyres 1994 Taang ! Records 320 kbps

Busy body° / How can I make her mine ? °/ Don't give it up now°° / How do you know ? °°/ She pays the rent " / We sell soul° / Touch " / Here's a heart*° / Sun's goin' down° / Geraldine°° / No more °/ She's got eyes " .
* featuring S. Bators - ° Produced by R. W. Harte & °° by J. Conolly - " Live at VPRO , Holland

An excellent , if brief (12 tracks) part-career retrospective , part-collection of oddities that includes their 1979 debut single "How Do You Know" b/w "Don't Give it Up Now." Packaged as a parody of the Rolling Stones controversial "Some girls" , "Some Lyres" proves to be a valuable introduction.

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Lyres: Some Lyres 320 kbps + complete covers

link :

Enjoy it !

auerfellow a dit…

des nouvelles de Lili D ? merci

eric a dit…

Viva the Lyres, Viva DMZ. MonoMan forever.

Anonyme a dit…

du real rock'n'roll !!
comme on l'aime.
Merci pour ton blog où je vois
beaucoup de mes vinyls et +.

Bonjour chez vous.

Anonyme a dit…

great site all kindsa goodies thanks. here's a request if ya take em' looking for the lyres those lyres cd outta print. for the big download thanks

Anonyme a dit…

great blog i'm hoping someday you'll get the lyres those lyres cd up. it's long otta print and i can't find thanks


No problem for the Lyres !