ROAD VULTURES Ride 1995 Circumstancial 320 kbps

Burn / Ride / La vida loca / Rosalene / Cherry Vanilla / Scissors / Slammin' /Hole / She / All wigged out / More / Hangin' on / Lost .

Produced by Alan & Kevin K.

Road Vultures 1995 : Alan & Kevin K : guitars ,vocals / Richie Molesso : bass / Mad Maxx Gallo : drums .

Second and last album by the rocking band of the K brothers, Alan and Kevin. Alan passed away shortly after this last album was released, at which point Kevin started his solo career. Hits such as "Rosalene", "Scissors" or "She" sure travel the same road as Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders or Nikki Sudden !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Road Vultures : "Ride" 320 kbps +

Link 1 :

Link 2 :

Enjoy it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

Hey pal
... these last ROAD VULTURES posts were brilliant and there is no way to thank you enough. Also Freddy Lynxx album you shared some time ago.
I just had to thank you one more time ;)

Mihaleez a dit…

You rule man! You fuckin RULE! At last a blog that posts real rock n roll!Thanx a lot for the Road Vultures stuff! I really enjoyed also Teenage Head's posts! Please post more stuff in the same vein...Maybe some solo Freddy Lynxx stuff...? Did you happen to have anythin by Mike Thimren?...

Thanx anyway n' keep the rocks rollin!