GoodGuy666 presents :
THE HORMONES Where old ghosts meet 1998 V2 256 kbps
Stay ahead / Don't let them get you down / This is the sound / Radio stars / Mr Wilson / A house by the hill / All we thought / Dig like merry hell / Someplace somewhere / The kisser / Feel alright / Where all ghosts meet .

The Hormones 1998 : Marc Carroll : Vocals & Guitar , Neil Dowling : Drums & Percussion , Alan Cullivan : Bass Guitar.

Straight ahead modern rock with a nice melodic production. I enjoy this album a lot and it grows on me. What should I compare this to - hmmmm... hard to say any names... But its very melodic with some tougher and rougher guitars here and there but it always ends up in a great melodic refrain. Check them up modern rock lovers!

The Hormones were formed in London in 1995. The band were to release 5 singles which were all met with acclaim but little commercial success outside of Ireland.Things started to look up when US Sitcom 'Friends' used B-Side Track, 'Tired Old Souls' in an episode. They were subsequently asked to appear in an episode (playing the wedding band at x and y's wedding). This appearance led to a flood of interest in the band which left them in an optimistic mood for the future and the release of their debut album.The 'Where Old Ghosts Meet' album was recorded in 1998. However, problems at the record label meant that on the day that the album was released, the band were dropped from their record label. The band went on to tour Europe in1999 before Marc Carroll decided to split the band and went solo for a successful career !

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Anonyme a dit…

I guess I'll kill all my links very soon! It's really diappointing to have more than 50 downloads (Hormones) or more than 40 downloads (my "Monsters of the midwest Vol.1" post) without getting one single comment. That's NOT what I understand of sharing music. I'd like to know what you think of the albums and how you like them. As I'm getting absolutely no reaction it doesn't make sense to me to present albums here. Then I better give the albums to special friends only but no longer to the public.
Good Guy 666

Anonyme a dit…

Don't worry ! I like your post !
I haven't hear The Hormones before ! Thanks ! It's a very very good band !

yesyesyes a dit…

Too bad, this one looked good.

Anonyme a dit…

it, in fact, WAS good. I'm very sorry for you. Maybe you could have been one of these guys who think it's at least fair to leave a comment how you liked the music. To avoid any misunderstandings, I do NOT expect thanks, but at least some comments on the music. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to me and I sent the download links to friends by mail.

Anonyme a dit…

Wow, I just stumbled onto your blog and I really would love it if you reposted The Hormones...I've been looking for this one for quite awhile.

thanks, Matt

David a dit…

Yes, please put the link back up! I saw in one of your previous posts how much you liked this group. I would be very sorry if I never got to hear the album! Please put the album back?

Anonyme a dit…

shit!,..waht a miss,...I have a good feelin' with this band...,
I'm new diggin' your blog and It's fantastic!
I recommend you some druggy rockers from southamerica today ,The Ganjas
don't loose your faith & keep on rockin'!

committed a dit…

I'm sorry to bother but I just found this blog of urs. I've been looking for this album for so long.
Could you please upload the album again? It seems the link is dead. Thank you.

binkerbo a dit…

#107 on the Shake Some Action Revisited Power Pop list. This is an excellent album! I admit I'm a sucker for anything that combines melody, harmony and electric guitars. There's also more than a hint of Americana in there. Are you sure these guys are from the UK?


Marc Carroll is an irish man ...

Skip a dit…

New to me... saw on SSA top 200... hope it's good... thanks for posting

Anonyme a dit…

Hmm,i think ...at least credit the real guys who played on the album. Vox Guitars Marc Carroll, Bass Jezz, Drums Pat Walters then maybe I could take you and this seriously.


@ Anonymous (another one !!!)
Credits are from the cd notes !
Serious ?
Seriously ?
IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL & I'm NOT a Fuckin' Rock Critic !!!

Anonyme a dit…

Most of the people I know who share music share it because they love the music and want other people to enjoy it to, not for some friggin ego-stroke comment-section love.

There's plenty of blogs who've been putting up awesome music for a couple of years with little to no comments that are still going strong, posting classic $h*t on an almost daily basis.

I know that Good Guy's post is almost 4 years old at this point and Ramlber, you've been doing it ever since- keep up the good work. It just pinched my tits to see him carrying on like a passive-aggressive child.