V/A A JOHNNY THUNDERS TRIBUTE Born to lose ? Rocknrollradio 320 kbps

JOHNNY THUNDERS w/ THE BALLBUSTERS : In cold blood / THEE APOSTLES : 7 day weekend /THE BARSEROS : Too much junkie business /DEAD END KIDS : All by myself / THE STATIONS : Pirate love / THE CROOKS : Go back to go / DRUGSTORE COWBOYS : Chinese rocks / THE LITTLE WHITE PILLS : I wanna be loved / JJ SPEEDBALL : Going steady / DELORIAN'S STAY BULLETS : Baby talk / THE NEEDLES : Count down love / THE STRAP-ONS : Can't keep my eyes on you / THE PUKES : One track mind / THE HORNY ITALIANS : Blame it on mom / MOUTHGUARD : MIA / ROCKET CITY RIOT : Leave me alone / SPEEDFREAKS : Get off the phone / BAD DOG BOOGIE : Do you love me / DOOM KOUNTY ELECTRIC CHAIR : Milk me / VORWARTS : Let go / SCRUMFEEDER : Great big kiss / THE HOOPLES : Born to loose / FREDDY LYNXX : I love you (live)

Johnny Thunders is the essence of what it is to be a rocknroll guitarist. Of course he had the drugs and the blond more than most but he had the riffs, I mean the riffs to die for. He figured out the sweetest way to make a guitar sing. He started the sleazy glam look of the Dolls which has inspired rocknroll as much as his riffs. All of the great bands on this CD acknowledge this man's importance and pay humble tribute resulting in a must have record for anyone that's ever like The New York Dolls & Johnny Thunders.

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Born to lose : a J. Thunders Tribute 320 kbps + covers

link 1:

link 2

Enjoy it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

Johnny Thunders is what RNR is all about. His guitar playing influenced me the most ... R.I.P. Johnny

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Great stuff!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Great site you have here.

At the site http://dogs.connection.free.fr in the records session you can read that Dogs have the song "I Wanna Be Loved" at a compilation with name "Tribute to Johnny Thunders" from 1992.
At your compilation with the same name the track is performed by "THE LITTLE WHITE PILLS".

Is there different foreign versions of this album or do you now anything about Dogs performents?

Sorry for my bad english.


Midnight Rambler a dit…

For T.C. from Norway :
I think there's only one version of this J Thunders Tribute called "Born to lose "
The Dogs (french) cover of "I wanna be loved " is from another tribute from french label Skydog "I only play rock'n'roll for kids to dance "
You can find it here :
There is also on the same blog (Eternally Yours) another Thunders tribute called "I only wrote this song for you " !
But don't be happy so fast 'cause the links are deleted !
Ask to Eric T. Lurick from Eternally Yours to re-up the deleted links !
Thanks for the comments !

Anonyme a dit…

Links don't work! Could you please reupload???