V/A Jet boys of Babylon : a tribute to the New York Dolls 2004 Fastlane Rcds 320 kbps

FRANKENSTEIN 3000 w/ D. JOHANSEN : Babylon / FLIPP w/ S. JONES : Personality crisis / GEOFF STARR ROCK'N'ROLL BAND : Looking for a kiss / SLOW MOTORCADE : Vietnamese baby / THE TASTE : It's too late / SUPER DELUXE : Trash / R50 : Bad girl / THE NEW ROMANTICS : Subway train / TATTOOED MILLIONAIRES : Privare world / THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS : Puss n' boots / COYOTE SHIVERS : Chatterbox / SCIENCE FICTION idols / Human being / STARDUSTER : Who are the mystery girls ? / CRASH KELLY : Lonely planet boy /KILLINBIRD : Frankenstein / THE ALARM mmv : Jet boy / YOU CAN'T PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY : American anthem .

The stand-out cuts include the SCIENCE FICTION IDOL'S "Human Being", Canadian glam rock superstars, CRASH KELLY'S predictably Bolan-esque version of "Lonely Planet Boy", and an absolutely amazing, stellar, fabulous rendition of "Vietnamese Baby", by Tinsel-land's beloved power pop regals, SLOW MOTORCADE. Slow Motorcade always bring back memories of Queen, Silverhead, Mott The Hoople, and the Babies, with their glistening arena rock anthems. In a better world, they'd be out on tour, opening up for Cheap Trick and Aerosmith right now, but I'm no longer in charge. Their drummer, Thom Sullivan, is perhaps the best all around rock drummer since Clem Burke, if not Keith Moon. Motorcade songsmith, Anthony Castillo, has the second best haircut in Hollyweird, and the World's Only Betty Page autographed guitar. Bassist Derrick, moonlights in the Andersons with Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch. I think Curt was in the B-Movie Rats. I'd love to hear more from the 'Motorcade with their new vocalist. Ace producer and charisma king, JACK ATLANTIS, is most famous for being the King of The Night Time World at Club Make-up and various other happenings in the fashion and art communities out West, and his welcome addition to the SLOW MOTORCADE roll-call as Lead Rockstar, has them poised to overthrow TSAR's dominion as the reigning stars of big league, 70's A.M. radio glam rock bliss. Bebe Buell's ubiquitous hanger-on, ex-husband, COYOTE SHIVERS, turns in an appropriately nasally rasped "Chatterbox", and the ALARM'S rousingrendition of "JETBOY" reassures us that "68 Guns Will Never Die." The NewRomantics seem to be competing with Red Invasion (Strangely absent as well, here) for the title of "the new BEAT ANGELS". AMERICAN ANTHEM'S "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" will pull your heartsrings if you've lived too long like the rest of us, or just miss those who haven't. All this and more, little girls, the Napoleon Blownaparts, and a cast of thousands! The liner-notes were penned by none other than the always lovely and astoundingly lyrical NINA ANTONIA. This might be the over-all best of these tiresome cattle-call tribute things since that Japanese Thunders Fanclub N.Y. Dolls tribute put together in the early 90's by HIROSHI NAKAGONE from the Golden Arms, called, "Stranded In A Dolls House". Look for that one on E-Bay ,too, if you're into these sortof things. Chances are, if you're scanning the Sleazegrinder website, you already dig alot of the bands featured here covering the DOLLS timeless and inspirational trash, and if you ain't the monster himself, sewn together from dead criminals body parts and yer Mama was lightning, then you probably COULD still make it with a Frankenstein. It ain't no crime.

Pepsi Sheen on Sleazegrinder.com

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

New York Dolls Tribute 320 kbps + covers

Link 1 :

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Enjoy it !

Mihaleez a dit…

As i told you before YOU FUCKIN RUUULE!!!!!
Keep up the good work! I never found on stores those 2 tributes! By the way, do you own anythin by Japan's Lipstick Killers to upload here?...

Thanx man! Really THANX!

vex_voxtone a dit…

This is the best tribute album ever!!! All killer and no filler. I've always been skeptic about tribute albums but this one is somethin else. My favorite is Slow Motorcade's rendition of Vietnamese baby.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Merci pour le blog, c'est marrant j'ai quasiment rien téléchargé, vu que j'ai pas mal d'album déjà mais ce new york dolls et les dogs ... continue comme ça

SessionCat a dit…

Cool blog - thanks for all the great shares! Very informative writeups too - keep up the good work!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello, part 2 is missing.

Could please re-up?