V/A Trash on delivery (T.O.D.) 1983 Flicknife Records 320 kbps

THE BABYSITTERS : Everybody loves you / THE GENOCIDES : Private hell / THE LONDON COWBOYS : Let's get crazy ! / MARIONETTE : My baby sucks real bad / BAD DETECTIVE : Favourite record / THE BARRACUDAS : You're gonna miss me (live) / MARIONETTE : Too far gone / DOGS D'AMOUR : Teenage / SUFFRAGETTE : Do you want my love ? / GARRIE J. LAMMIN : I heard the devil / NIKKI SUDDEN & THE BIBLE BELT : Waiting for the siege / THE BABYSITTERS : Livin' out rock'n'roll .

Sleeve by R. Zell / Frenchie - Compiled by Frenchie Gloder .

The holy grail of bands who looked to conquer theses sleazy streets of London in the early '80s are contained in the almighty 1983 compilation Trash On Delivery. Not quite "third wave glam" (but if you like-y, be sure to check out Jook or The Radio Stars) or third wave punk (not quite the Anti-Nowhere League, but check out the UK Subs new threads! Keep Un Running Until You Burn!), Trash On Delivery stands on it's own as something completely unique to itself. A snapshot into a brief space of time when the previous glories of '70s Glam Rock, Punk, & Heavy Metal met in perfect harmony for perhaps the 1st time. Twenty odd years later it remains a perfect sleaze punk record and a guaranteed blueprint for those who'd help further commercialize the scene later in the decade (see The Quireboys, Wolfsbane, The Wildhearts, Tattooed Love Boys, and Soho Roses just to name a few.) The compilation, put together by Flicknife Records' Frenchy Gloder (also of The Genocides, whose scorcher "Private Hell" is included on the comp) features a hodge podge of classic gems ranging from crash and burn trash rawk of emerging scenesters like the awesome Marionette and The Babysitters to the then present day projects of Post-Punk era upper crusts like The Barracudas, The London Cowboys (Glen Matlock, Barry Jones, & Steve Dior) and ex-Swell Map Nikki Sudden (with his Bible Belt project). Add in some one off gems like Bad Detective's lost power pop classic "Favorite Record", Suffragette's "Do You Want My Love", and "I Heard The Devil" by Little Roosters frontman and future Eastenders TV Celeb, Garrie J. Lammin, as well as the first recorded release of an embryonic Dogs D'amour and Ray Zell cover art,and you've got one primo slab of proto Sleaze Punk !
Adam T. in "Sleazegrinder.com"
Max nous a fait une merveilleuse pochette !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

V/A Trash on delivery 320 kbps
+ nice covers done by Max !
the sound of this lp is very "rough" !
Link 1:

Link 2:

Enjoy it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

You've outdone yourself one more time. This comp is aboslutely BRILLIANT. Thank you sssssooooo much.
I was wondering where to find Marionette's "Blonde secrets and dark bombshells".

Anonyme a dit…

Without havin heard the music already, I can't stay away from saying that this is W-W-W-W-W-WONDERFUL artwork ! Looks a bit like John Howard's GREAT GREAT porn comics "She-Male Trouble"!

Anonyme a dit…

thanks !!!

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Hey, I got a chance to listen to this, and these bands really are Sons of the Dolls!

Rusty Needles a dit…

Hi there

I'm new to this but this is a great blog. Am trying to open Trash On Delivery rar but would like password please ! Also cannot download part 2 is there a problem ?


Thanks but there's no password & all the links work...

Rusty Needles a dit…

Sorry - my error

Many thanks - great stuff

Nikrooz a dit…

Merci beaucoup!
One problem though:
the last track is NOT Livin' out r'n'r by the Babysitters, but "My baby sucks real bad" by marionette, followed by 13 minutes of silence..
Has it been ripped wrong? That song is already on the list and thus appears two times..


...OK! it will be repaired ...

Nikrooz a dit…

I'm definitely lloking forward to it :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Midnight Rambler, I realize this post is over two years old, but in case you're reading this, the problem with song 12 in Link 2 that Nikrooz pointed out is still there.
Unless I missed the fixed link?....

At least I can still look at the album art!

Anyway, Great Blog, I really enjoy it!

Anonyme a dit…

Is a re-upp possible???
that would be nice...thanks.