NEW YORK DOLLS Rock'n'roll 1994 Mercury 320 kbps

Courageous cat theme* / Trash° / Personality crisis° / Babylon* /Looking for a kiss° / Lone star queen" / Vietnamese baby° /Lonely planet boy° / Frankenstein° /Private world° / Chatterbox* /Bad girl° / Don't mess with cupid" / Subway train° /Who are the mystery girls ?* / Stranded in the jungle* / It's too late* / Puss 'n' boots* / Jet boy° / Human being* .

°Produced by T. Rundgren - *Produced by S. Morton - "Produced by P. Nelson

NEW YORK DOLLS : D. Johansen : vocals , harmonica / J. Thunders : guitar , vocals /S. Sylvain : guitar , piano , vocals / A. Kane , Jr : bass / J. Nolan : drums & percussion .
L' absolu en matière de rock ! Une sorte de best of rallongé de trois inédits , un greatest hits pour la voiture ! Et pour les nostalgiques qui se souviennent de la splendide pochette du lp Mercury (Japon) qui portait le même nom : je leur dédie ce post !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

New York Dolls : R 'n' roll 320 kbps + complete covers

Link 1 :

link 2:

Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

This compilation cahnged my life back when it came out. :)

vex_voxtone a dit…

Any compilation album can't present Dolls in all of their glory. To be all dolled up you gotta get both of their releases but anyway this album was the first Dolls item I ever bought so it has emotional value for me. Thanx pal ;)