WILLIE ALEXANDER - Burning Candles

SINGLES WILLIE ALEXANDER Burning candles / In your car sp 1986 Arf Arf Records wav
It was hard to be a Willie Alexander fan in those days. You could purchase his New Rose albums in the Boston area and at a few other places, such as Northampton. But, out here in the provinces, his records were difficult to come by. Nor, as I recall, were they given a lot of promotion. In the 1980s, Alexander often recorded and performed solo or at least without a full band; and it seems likely that economics was a factor. In his 1987 interview with D.C. Denison, he said he was only playing out two or three times a month. In 1987, Willie Alexander and the Cars were inducted into the Hall of Fame at the first Boston Music Awards ceremony. W.A. told D.C. Denison that he got really nervous. "I'm not used to getting awards, I'm used to playing the piano and singing." ... Source

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