THE SAINTS - The monkey puzzle + Paralytic tonight, Dublin tomorrow

THE SAINTS The Monkey Puzzle + Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow cd 1989 New Rose 320 kbps
Miss Wonderful / Always / Paradise / Let's Pretend / Somebody / Monkeys (let's go) / Mystery Dream / Simple Love / The Ballad / Dizzy Miss Lizzy / In The Mirror/ Simple Love / (Don't Send Me) Roses / Miss Wonderful / On The Waterfront / Call It Mine.
Produced by Chris Bailey.
The Saints : C. Bailey : vocals / C. Barrington : guitar / J. Hall : bass / M. Birmingham : drums
+ P. Mathé: harmonica / I. Hay : keyboards.
"Every decade's snotty kids are the same, as Australia's Saints handily proved. These Brisbane punks emerged in '77 with a raw, driving sound recalling the Pretty Things of more than a decade earlier. On '(I'm) Stranded', Chris Bailey sings with the same irritable snarl that band's Phil May had back when he was considered competition for Mick Jagger. The rest of the Saints (guitarist Ed Kuepper, drummer Ivor Hay and bassist Kym Bradshaw) respond in kind, issuing sheets of rough, gray rock'n'roll noise, including the title track, a pioneering international punk hit.
...Chris Bailey re-emerged in 1979 with an all-new band of Saints, and debuted the group on the French-only 'Paralytic Tonight Dublin Tomorrow' EP, the first-ever release on the now mighty New Rose label. There's hornwork on several of the five tracks, but the rip-roaring energy drive finds these Saints working into something like punked-up Chicago blues.
...The Monkey Puzzle continues to develop the new Saints' tone. Although this lineup is not nearly so abrasive as the original band, the devotion to rootsy no-nonsense rock'n'roll remains undiminished. See the buoyant cover of 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy' for details. (The CD appends 'Paralytic Tonight'.)... Young/Robbins/Rabid on TrouserPress

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THE SAINTS "Monkey Puzzle + Paralytic Tonight, Dublin tomorrow" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

the saints come back up
from cellar !!!!

yeah up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

thanx a lot! love The Saints.

limburg a dit…

Thanks a lot Midnight Rambler!!!!!!!

We love the saints!!!!!!

We love Sons Of The Dolls!!!!

dz a dit…

The Saints are amazing, love their stuff. Say, do have anything else by them from (Including) A Little Madness to Be Free and after? all I have is Imperious Delerium from after that album.

Anonyme a dit…

oh yes, i agree with dz!
please can you post "a Little Madness To Be Free", "All Fools Day" (with the 2 bonus tracks: 'Some Things Never Change' + 'Calling On You') and "Prodigal Son" ?


I'll do my best ...

Anonyme a dit…

Anonyme a dit...
oh yes, i agree with dz!
please can you post "a Little Madness To Be Free", "All Fools Day" (with the 2 bonus tracks: 'Some Things Never Change' + 'Calling On You') and "Prodigal Son" ?
great idea
create your blog & post more & more !

dz a dit…

Thanks MR, your blogs the best of the bunch, keep up the superb work.

SlamDanceMan a dit…

Great up,great blog!

Anonyme a dit…

Reupload, please!!

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