VARIATIONS Nador 1971 320 kbps
What a mess again /Waiting for the pope / Nador / We gonna find the way / Generations / Free me / Completely free / Mississipi woman / But it's alright / Come along / Promises / What's happening ... / Magda / Down the road / Love me.
Variations : J. Leeb : vocals / M. Tobaly : guitars / J. Grande : bass / J. Bitton : drums, percussions, vocals.
Les Variations was a French rock band (1969/1975) that sang in English and was known for its rock guitar based music. Often, their songs and compositions contained hints of North African and Jewish Sephardic melodies as well as the Hebrew songs of the band members' youth.
Les Variations signed with EMI/Pathé in 1969. It may be argued that Les Variations were the first and one of the best known rock groups from France, largely in part to commercial successes during their decade-long span. Between 1969 and 1973, they released the bulk of their albums. They often mimicked traits of the Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin.
By 1974, they adopted a more exotic style and signed with the American label, Buddah Records. It was then that they introduced sounds and styles taken from their Moroccan heritages, exemplified in the albums Moroccan Roll, and Cafe de Paris. During the recording and subsequent touring of these albums, the band added the American keyboard player/singer Jim Morris; and for the second album "Cafe de Paris" and its tours, they added the French/Tunisian singer/guitarist/composer R. Fitoussi and the celebrated French/Tunisian violinist of Arabic music, M. Meimoun. The band broke up in December, 1975.
Over the course of their career, Les Variations became the first French rock band to headline the Olympia Theatre in Paris; and toured Europe and America with many major acts of the era, including: Kiss, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Guess Who, Taste, Queen, Aerosmith ... among others. Source
Jo Leeb , their singer was a real rock singer , a "savage child" in the pure style of M. Jagger or S. Tyler. P. Eudeline has often written about him ...
In 2006 they have played again at Le Petit Vélo (see comments) & M. Tobaly has a new album out !
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VARIATIONS "Nador & more" 320 kbps + covers

Variations live (2006):

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ROCKETS in YOUR .............

have a nice day

Alessandro a dit…

Great french guitars!!! :-)

The first time on my stereo i have scream: Alleluyaaa rokkahroollahhh!!!



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alessandro play high !!!!
thx for frenchy sound

Jaime a dit…

Many thanks. I've liked this post a lot. Also, thankx for all.

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Merci pour ce lp des Variations mais ce n'est pas Nador qui est dans le fichier rar. De fait il s'agit de Take it or leave it qui est l'un des albums les plus achevés des Variations avec le fabuleux : "Je suis juste un rock'n'roller". Pas grave, je suppose que tu posteras le bon album dans un futur proche ?


C'est bien Nador avec un petit bonus disons ... tu as sans doute oublié un lien :
Il y en a 3 :
Un en cliquant sur le titre du post , le second à la fin du texte du post en cliquant sur here et un troisième lien pour quelques morceaux live (à recopier dans la barre d'adresses )dans le premier commentaire.

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anniversaire de Jo Lebb en Mars 2012