BACKYARD BABIES Tinnitus cd 2000 Liquor & Poker 320 kbps
Brand New Hate* / U.F.O. Romeo* / Highlights* / A Song For The Outcast° / Minus Celsius° / The Clash" /Colours* / Made Me Madman* / Star War* / Friends° / One Sound° / Look At You*.
*Produced by T. Skogsberg & Backyard Babies - °Produced by J. Barresi - "Produced by A. Kviman & Backyard Babies
Backyard Babies : N. Borg : lead vocals, guitar / Dregen : lead guitar, vocals / J. Blomquist : bass / P. Carlsson : drums.
Originally formed by teenage guitarist Dregen in 1987, Backyard Babies (after their first lp "Diesel & power" in 1994) were put on hiatus in the early '90s while he launched another acclaimed Scandinavian act, The Hellacopters. Upon recommencing in 1997, Backyard Babies released "Total 13", the first of five excellent albums (including 2001's "Making Enemies is Good" , 2003's "Stockholm Syndrome",2006's "People like people like People like us & 2008's "Backyard Babies") that epitomized what rock is all about: decadent songs and the cockiest of attitudes. Stockholm Syndrome even earned the group a Swedish Grammy, as well as a personal nod from Velvet Revolver to open their European tour, thus cementing the band's reputation as a force to be reckoned with. (They'd previously toured with such rock heavyweights as Alice Cooper and AC/DC.)
"Released in 2005, "Tinnitus" is one opportunity to rectify an injustice, collecting 12 choice highlights from three of the Backyard Babies' uniformly strong studio albums into a U.S.-only greatest-hits set of unbelievably high quality. Expertly and diversely showcasing the Stockholm natives' never less than inspiring Cheap Trick sound (where heaviness, speed, melody, and hooks coexist in explosive perfection), bona fide classics such as "Star War," "Minus Celsius," and the reverential "The Clash" could teach American bands a thing or two about their roots. Opening the disc with one of the band's most commercial and atypically synth-enhanced singles, "Brand New Hate," is probably ideal for the circumstances — but deeper immersion quickly unveils darker pleasures contained in songs like the scat-hateful "U.F.O. Romeo," the forlorn "Highlights" and "Colours," and the absolutely frenzied, Motörhead-would-kill-to-still-write-songs-like-this masterpiece "Made Me Madman." To sum it all up, if America's tattered and fast-fading rock & roll soul has any chance of salvation, this may well be one of its last chances . Grab it !
The digipack version of "Tinnitus" (like others Liquor & Poker records cd) was made all the more irresistible by adding a bonus disc sampler of tracks by other label signings, including Nebula, Crash Kelly, the mighty Hellacopters, and even Hanoi Rocks. Today it seems that this rockin' label is no more "Allmusic

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BACKYARD BABIES "Tinnitus" 320 kbps + covers

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