THE DAMNED - Skip Off School To See The Damned

THE DAMNED Skip Off School To See The Damned (The Stiff Singles A's & B's) cd 1992 320 kbps
New Rose* / Help* / Neat Neat Neat* / Stab Yor Back* / Singalonga Scabies* / Stretcher Case Baby" / Sick Of Being Sick" / Problem Child° / You Take My Money° / Don't Cry Wolf° / One Way Love°.
*Produced by Nick Lowe - "Produced by Shel Talmy - °Produced by Nick Mason.
The Damned : Brian James : guitar / Dave Vanian : vocals / Rat Scabies : drums / Captain Sensible : bass.
The Damned are an English punk band formed in London in 1976.They are notable for being the first punk rock band from England to release a single 'New Rose' , an album 'Damned Damned Damned' and to tour the United States. The Damned later evolved into one of the forerunners of the gothic genre. The band is still alive today.
"Since the Damned did most of their best work at Stiff Records, the appearance of a comprehensive collection like 'Skip Off School to See the Damned (The Stiff Singles A's & B's)' is long overdue. It only contains 11 songs, several of which are on the seminal 'Damned, Damned, Damned', but almost all of them are dynamite, capturing the band are their rawest and catchiest. It's an ideal choice for casual fans who want to dig a little deeper than the debut but don't want to sort through their uneven follow-ups. For collectors, it's nice to have these all in one place, especially since the liner notes feature the fronts and backs of the original picture sleeves. " TrouserPress

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THE DAMNED "Skip off school to see the Damned" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & viva the Damned !

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