MARIONETTE - Blonde secrets & dark bombshells

MARIONETTE Blonde secrets & dark bombshells lp 1985 Heavy Metal Records 320 kbps
Ain't nothin' to it / Is that you / On a night like this / You better believe it / Too far gone / Raise hell / Gettin' sticky / My baby suxx / Nothin' but the night / Take me home with you / Staggerin' back to you / My baby sucks real bad (T. O. D. version) / Too far gone (T.O.D. version).
Marionette : R. Zell : vocals / D. Veal : guitar / K. K. : bass / Pig : drums.
Of all the main bands of the '80s London Glam scene, the one band that received the most initial press and gushing reviews were the fabulous Marionette. They had it down man...they were punk as shit. Fashion over function...guts over chops...silly, un-pretentious, obnoxious, loud, snotty...all the qualities that make for a rock band you can get behind. They became the scene's answer to the Hollywood Brats and frontman, Ray Zell, was the Flash Metal era's R. Crumb. His Pandora Peroxide comic strip was a vital part of Kerrang! Magazine as it was establishing itself as the only good magazine of the '80s Flash Metal Movement. Zell's Pandora character was the ultimate rock chick. Blonde, bitchy and tough, with big tits and dicksucking lips...she took the piss out of ego driven Kerrang cover stars while championing her underdog faves...part Wendy O., part Cherry Pop Tart, to most real deal rock fans, Pandora is as much part of the '80s Hair Metal movement as Aqua Net and cowboy boots.

As Pandora took off, so did Zell's rock journalism career and unfortunately Marionette were placed on the backburner.
Despite their short career, Marionette deserve to be remembered. Their two contributions to the Trash On Delivery album are the compilation's crowning achievements. "My Baby Sucks Real Bad" and "Too Far Gone" are primal and raw, primo-punk rawk at it's best. Zell spits classic lines like "Oh so very chauvinistic, she won't let me use her lipstick" in "My Baby Sucks Real Bad" like he's delivering the manifesto for the hairspray sect. In "Too Far Gone", Zell removes his tongue from cheek long enough to slurr "Just get me a whiskey. Just get me a beer. I don't need no girls tonight, I think I'm turning queer...Just get me a whiskey...Just get me a beer...But if you get me anything....GET ME OUTTA HEERREE!" ...trading his studied Andrew Matheson lisps for his Iggy yelps like the un-seasoned pro he wuz.

Completed by Dave Veal on guitar and drummer "Pig", the band inked with Heavy Metal Records in 1985. Their first and only record "Blonde Secrets and Dark Bombshells" appeared soon after and it was a bonafide sleaze rock monster. A lost classic of Dolls-y swagger, shitty NWOBHM production value and Pistols bravado, the album earned rave reviews in the UK press. The band also contributed the LP track 'Gettin' Sticky Over The Girl Next Door' to the 1985 Heavy Metal Records compilation album 'Rock Pretty'.
Unfortunately for us rock fans, the band just seemed to fizzle out as Ray Zell's status as a rock scribe became more solid. And with the end of Marionette came the end of embryonic stages of the '80s Glam Punk scene, as endless hairsprayed hopefuls emerged from the English sticks looking for chart action and Kerrang! cover status. Sleazegrinder
Great cd cover by MAX !

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MARIONETTE "Blonde secrets & dark bombshell" 320 kbps + great cd covers by MAX!

The only Marionette in cd for the first time because we were tired to wait ...!

Enjoy it or glam it! but please leave comments!

Anonyme a dit…

MAX @ max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you want after 70years old
i have a job for you

A LONG WAY for the TEAM !!!


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Yes, Yes, Yes! My copy of this was stolen many, many, many years ago. Great live band, Great album. Total Trash and cheers for delivering this MR. Re-fucking- spect

Anonyme a dit…

One of my fave albums of all time. Truly awesome

Anonyme a dit…

One of my fave albums of all time. Truly awesome

vex_voxtone a dit…

... if it wasn't for Marionette, Babysitters or Soho Roses, RNR music would die in mid/late 80's.

P.S. amazing covers

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holidays on SOTD
THx for fabulous r'n'r year

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Brilliant fuckin' post also! Thaanxx Max,
Thaanxx Midnight!!!

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merci pour l'info sur le
mick medew & the rumours

- tres bien
- la voix des tribesmen
toujours superbe et reconnaissable entre 1000
- another girl another planet
just so high !

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Wonderful post, I love it. Well, I checked out my copy of TOD.

Keep on blogging like this.
Rosenkohl1977 born in 1963

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Thanks for this post..
Keep rocking!!!

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Any chance of re-uploading this? The link no longer works. Thanks! Keep on rockin'!


I will re-up this one soon with a new lp rip done with another record & reworked with clickrepair !!!

Weblo a dit…

Absolute fabulous Post ! !
One of my favorite glam/sleaze LP, i'm searching for a cd rip since years.
ThanXX a lot to Midnight Rambler et to Max for the beautiful artwork.
Weblo the french glam Warrior