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Erick Lee Purkhiser (October 21, 1946 – February 4, 2009), better known as Lux Interior ("luxury interior"), was an American punk rock musician and a founding member of the legendary garage/punk band The Cramps.

Born in Stow, Ohio, he grew up in the Akron area with a brother, Mike Purkhiser. He met his wife Kristy Wallace, better known as Poison Ivy, in Sacramento in 1972 allegedly while she was hitchhiking. The couple founded the band and moved from California to Ohio in 1973 and then to New York in 1975 where they became part of the flourishing punk scene.

Interior's name came "from an old car commercial" while his wife's name change was inspired by "a vision she received in a dream".The couple called their musical style psychobilly, originally claiming it to have been inspired by a Johnny Cash song, and later saying that they just using the phrase as "carny terms to drum up business."

Lux died at 4:30am on February 4, 2009, in Glendale, California of a pre-existing heart condition

5 février 2009 19:06

germt a dit…

Una gran perdida para todos...con el consuelo de que siempre quedará su música y sus videos.

Eric a dit…

Fait chier, Ron et maintenant Lux

Anonyme a dit…


Eternally Lux.

A great rocker.

Ian a dit…

Et oui Pat, le rock est en deuil désormais..

Anonyme a dit…

Putain de vie...
Johnny Thunders, JL Pierce, Joe Strumer, Dominique des Dogs et maintenant Lux... tous les héros de ma jeunesse s'en vont un par un... ça doit swinger la haut
et Bono ou Sting sont toujours en pleine forme eux...trop injuste

Une pensée pour Ivy


Peter Pan a dit…

Dieu que se passe t-il?
Y a t-il un crétin là bas qui a décidé que 2009 verrait s'éteindre les meilleurs d'entres tous?
On pourrait presqu'en supposer un complot gouvernemental.

Anonyme a dit…

la roue tourne ,
faites peter les watts !!!!