THE BOYS - To Original Hell With / Odds N Sods

THE BOYS To Original Hell With / Odds N Sods cd 2000 320 kbps
Sabre dance / Rue Morgue / Terminal love / See ya later / You can't hurt a memory / Kamikaze / Lonely cowboy / Waiting for a lady / Bad day / Walk my dog / I love me / Mummy / Garden gang / Sap / We're all crazy / Pick me up / Jimmy Brown / You can give it / Flash / Dressed to kill / Oyoyo / Flies / Little runaround.
The Boys : Matt Dangerfield : guitar, vocals / Duncan 'Kid' Reid : bass , vocals / Casino Steel : organ , piano , vocals / Honest John Plain : guitar , vocals /Jack Black : drums .
The Boys made arguably one of the best LPs of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior Pop Punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear. Yet for some reason The Boys occupy a neglected position in relation to London's early Punk scene, probably because they weren't clothed by Sex or managed by Malcolm McLaren. Being tagged the "Punk Beatles" couldn't have helped either. Plagued by mishaps, bad timing and plain bad luck they managed to keep smiling and come up with corking, hyper-speed pop classics like "Brickfield Nights" and "Rue Morgue". In short The Boys were a gem of a band and a total inspiration to any Punk band who value tunes over noise. Punk77

Coupled here are two of the rarest albums by the Boys . "To Original Hell With" first saw the light of day on Casino Steel's Revolution Records in 1989 though the recordings actually date back to 1979 . They are totally different mixes to the ones eventually issued on the "To Hell WithThe Boys" album on Safari , much rawer and live sounding. "Odds N Sods" also came out in 1989 on the german Totenkopf label . Compiled by Campino , long time Boys fanatic and vocalist with Die Toten Hosen , the release was made up of previously unreleased studio tracks from between 1977 /1981.

The Boys were perhaps punk's saddest casualty. They could — indeed, should — have been enormous. Certainly they were one of the finest live acts around ... Allmusic

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THE BOYS "To Original Hell With / Odds N Sods" 320 kbps + covers

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Excellent! Thanks!

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Thanks thanks!!!

The Boys are great!

PietZelluf Netherlands

Do You have more Boys?

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Brilliant share !!!
The Boys will always remain one of my most favourite bands. Although they came from the same english 77 punk scene, they didnt confirm to the punk look nor they had Rotten-ish "f*ck off you wankers" attitude or clash's leftist political poetry ... so, at the time, they definitely didnt fit in. But anyway Boys' catchy energetic riffs and brilliant songwriting will always prove how punk rock is suppose to sound. These guys were the real deal !!!!

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I've been looking for "Odds and Sods" for a very long time and finally I found it at your excellent blog
Thanks for all


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I love this band.
I'd rather listen to the Boys and the Vibrators than any "harder" punk bands any day!