V/A The Wasted Years

V/A The Wasted Years cd 1995 320 kbps
INFLIKTORS : Ali Frama / DEL FUEGOS : Crying in the rain / MISSION OF BURMA : Progress / THE NEIGHBORHOODS : Innocence lost / TOMATO MONKEY : Come down / NERVOUS EATERS : Red on white / TOMATO MONKEY : Slide / NERVOUS EATERS : Have it with your coffee / TOMATO MONKEY : Mostly torso / THE WILD STARES : Night & fog / CHAOTIC PAST : Distraught and out of control / LYRES : Stacy / MARTIN PAUL : Keep your hands off that bottle / LYRES : We sell soul / THE NEIGHBORHOODS : Electricity / THE WILD STARES : My philosopher / STEVE CATALDO : Songs for Mrs Green / CHAOTIC PAST : Bondage between the mountains / MARTIN PAUL : Halfway to heaven / CRAB DADDY : Inad Oolop / CHAOTIC PAST : Side by side / JOHN FELICE : I'll never this song again / MISSION OF BURMA : Max Ernst.
Ace of Hearts Records is a Boston-based independent label founded in 1978 by R. Harte, who also produced all its releases. It recorded and released some of the Boston area's best post-punk and garage rock bands in the early 1980s, including: Mission of Burma, , Neats, Lyres, John Felice, Nervous Eaters, Del Fuegos, The Neighborhoods, Martin Paul, Wild Stares, Infliktors, Classical Ruins...
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V/A THE WASTED YEARS 320 kbps + covers

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