SINGLES CONEHEADS Barn burnin' / Action / Evil little Elmer ep 1986 Greasy Pop Records wav
Produced by the Coneheads.
The Coneheads : T. Keeley : vocals / R. Wharldall : guitars / A. Bunney : guitars / N. Burton : bass / P. Graves : drums.
THE CONEHEADS served up a fun rock & roll feast of melodic, fast-paced mini anthems from Australia. Paying homage to the rock styles of the Hoodoo Gurus, The Lime Spiders, The Barracudas, Ramones , the Coneheads sound was completely infectious.
It's swamp rock, powerpop and a bit of punk for good measure. Come along for the ride on this rock road trip about surfing, girls, bridal suicide, psychos and lynch mobs!!
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CONEHEADS ep wav + covers

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The song on the A side is called "Burned again" on the back cover but on the vinyl it's "Barn burnin'" ...
It seems that the right title is "Barn burnin" !

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Thank you for this rare single, I've been looking for it for ages. There was another great Coneheads single with a cover of "Chewy, Chewy" sounding like the Ramones.