THE COWBOYS - Jet City Rockers

THE COWBOYS Jet City Rockers cd 1998 320 kbps
Here she comes / Girls like that / Crack of the whip / Wagons Ho / Blink of an eye / Rude boy* / Rock'n'roll cowboy° / Standing in the rain / Jet city rockers° /Doesn't matter to me / It's a riot¨ .
Produced by T. Date & E. Shapiro except ° by P. Speer , ¨by I. Fisher & R. Wilson & * by the Cowboys.
The Cowboys : Ian Fisher : vocals / Jeff Cerar & Ernie Shapiro: guitars , vocals / Jack Hanan : bass, vocals / Paul Brownlow : keyboards , vocals / Marty Waychoff , Mark Borden , Dean Helgeson & Mark Guenther : drums

The Cowboys were one of the influential rock bands out of Seattle (with the Heats : also a must !) during the span of 1979 through 1985 .The Cowboys were perhaps as motley a crew as has ever been assembled for a Northwest band. Singer Ian Fisher (R.I.P) was loud, boisterous, arrogant, and had a fake english accent : In short, he was everything a lead singer needed to be, and he was a commanding presence . The band mixed a little reggae with power-pop, and it was this knack for being populist that gained it such a large following . Their biggest hits were "Rude Boy" and "Girls Like That", both of which sound surprisingly catchy even today. Unfortunately, The Cowboys never got a major-label deal: they were at least as good as many of the bands that clogged the "Rock of the '80's" airwaves, and as a live band they were rivalled by few. Charles Cross

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THE COWBOYS "Jet City Rockers" 320 kbps + covers

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Curty Ray a dit…

Great band! Used to go see these guys and the Heats when I lived in Seattle. Great shows, lots of energy and these guys always had time to spend with the audience and just shoot the shit!
A sad day for rock and roll when we lost Ian Fisher.

Anonyme a dit…

Many thankx for this great record!!!

Anonyme a dit…


Skip a dit…


thx much

Kimberly Helgeson Sams aka Stage Dragon a dit…

Dean Helgeson (their original drummer) was my uncle. I used to listen to the band rehearse in my grandma's basement on Ranier Beach when I was a little girl. Sadly he died of CF at age 30, way too young. I think it's cool that the band still has a following even now. I remember the accent, too funny, Ian was a character.