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SECRET 9 BEAT Secret 9 Beat cd 2007 Ignore Orders Alien Records 128 kbps
Hey Johnny / Pure projection / Seduce this nation / New song / Donna / Sunny side / Down in the dirt / Blue horizons / Dressed in black / Motorcycle boy / Ruby's room .
All songs writen by Komarek / Vanek .
Produced by Phil Shöenfelt .
Secret 9 Beat is : Tom Komarek : vocals, guitars / Lukáš Vanek : guitars, vocals / Marko Ziza : bass / Z. Belohlavek: drums .

Secret 9 Beat are a Prague (Czech Rep.) based garage-punk-rock´n´roll gang formed in the late nineties by long time friends Tom Komárek and Lukáš Vaněk being obsessed by Velvet Underground, Stooges, Nuggets-era garage bands. After several line-ups, numerous famously raw, energetic gigs they finally have settled with ol´ pal Marco Žiža on bass who got back from Japanese exile and darling Ondřej Bauer on drums. Their first CD was produced by English singer/songwriter/writer Phil Shöenfelt (Khmer Rouge, Fatal Shore, collaborater of the late Nikki Sudden…).
Their influences are : Johnny Thunders, Suicide, NY Dolls, Jesus And Mary Chains, The Fall, Girl Groups, The Seeds, Richard Hell, Jonathan Richman, Birthday Party, The Clash, Early Stones, Fleshtones, Robert Anton Wilson, Uptown RNB, Burroughs, Alex Chilton, Ramones, The Cramps and many more...
"... In their lyrics they use dadaistic pirouettes, cut-ups and B-movie lines. Some hipster Antonin Artaud meets the Avengers in Akham asylum in some Gotham city zone in East European bunker bar after midnight. Like in that ol´tune by Jim Lowe: "... All I wanna do is join the happy crowd behind the green door ...". – Press Clip
Secret 9 Beat are alive as ever, constatly performing and actually working on a new album ...
Thanks to Tom Komarek for music & scans !
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SECRET 9 BEAT "Secret 9 Beat" 128 kbps + covers

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