VA - I Only Play Rock'N'Roll For kids To Dance

VA I Only Play Rock'N'Roll For kids To Dance cd
Cosa Nostra Band: Cosa Nostra / Little Bob: Downtown / Elli & Jacno: It's Not Enough / Axel Bauer: So Alone / The Weird Sins: She's So Untouchable / Blankass: Sad Vacation / Dominic Sonic: You Can't Put Your Arms 'Round A Memory / The Kingsnakes: Born To Lose / Bebe Buell: Little Bit O'Whore / Posada: Chatterbox / The Pogo: Baby Talk / La Souris Déglinguée: La Fille De New York / Dogs: I Wanna Be Loved / Chris Wilson: Crime Of The Century / Steve Dior & Sylvain Sylvain: Overloaded / The Jet Boys: Pirate Love / Barry Jones: Goodbye Johnny / Jeff Dahl: Chinese Rock / Ze Watchmain: Personality Crisis / F.F.F.: Cool Operator.
Produced by M. Zermati (Executive producer: Freddy Lynxx)
"...Holy Ghost or Holy Terror? Johnny was no angel as Wayne Kramer admitted when he came forward to set the record straight regarding his side of the Gang War partnership (see Chapter 6) during his participation in the Thunders’ tribute album I Only Wrote This Song For You.
Wayne Kramer - "If I’d have wanted to go along with someone to improve my career, it wouldn’t have been Johnny Thunders! My interest in playing with him was because I could see the sheer excitement in what he could do and the thrill of the audience. It was a right brain, left brain thing, my sense of what could work, because I knew he was out of control but I also knew that it could be a great rock ‘n’ roll band. It was a struggle for me to be in a band with him because he managed to fuck everything up. I’m not into kicking Johnny, he was capable of being very charming."
Wayne Kramer
In death, Johnny has become the critic’s choice, and has a place in the pantheon of deceased icons. Like the man said in Disappointed In You, ‘the only way you get respect is when you die’. Whenever there’s a wreath attached, Rock ’n’ Roll gets serious. Not only has a genuine tenderness misted up the type, but even the old guard have come forward to reassess with peppery lamentation. Tony Parsons remembered Johnny for the Daily Telegraph (Sept.’94)… ‘In death Thunders is managing something he never truly achieved in his lifetime. Finally he is emerging as more than a bad imitation of Keith Richards. Self-destructive, stupid, supremely selfish - Johnny was all these things. But he was also closer to the dark essence of rock and roll than almost anyone. And when that talent shone through the fog of heroin, he was mesmerising..."
"Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood"
N. Antonia’s introduction to her update of the official biography of J. Thunders
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Various Artists: "I Only Play Rock'N'Roll For kids To Dance"

Go Johnny Go !

Anonyme a dit…

Hmm, some good stuff on here, but it has stiff competition from "I Only Wrote This Song For You" and "This One's For J.O.H.N.N.Y."

I like the Bebe Buell and Chris Wilson tracks on here.
The Dogs singing "I Wanna Be Loved" reminds me of "Little Johnny Jet." (Is that the same Dogs?)