PURE RUBBISH Pure Rubbish cd EP 2001
Kiss Of Death / Electric Heart / Parts Unknow / Let There Be Rock.
Produced by M. Clink.
Pure Rubbish: D. Dunivan: lead vocals, lead guitar / E. Dunivan: drums / M. McWilliams: bass, vocals / J. “JT Trash” Gardner: rhythm guitar, vocals.
Pure Rubbish was a glam/punk band from Houston, Texas from late 1995 to April 2003. Their music was a mix of New York Dolls & the Guns & Roses stuff.
Pure Rubbish began in 1995 when brothers Derek and Evan Dunivan were only 11 and 9 years old. The young Dunivan brothers were self-taught musicians and learned to play their instruments by listening to records.
They released their first independent record "Heavy Trash Day" 7" EP / Tape in 1998 on their own label One Hit Records .
In 1999, a Daniel Rey recording session was released as the "Tejas Waste" CD EP, the band's second independent record also released on One Hit Records.In December, they officially signed to Divine Recordings, the S. Osbourne label. In November 2000, Pure Rubbish entered Digital Recordings in Houston to record their debut album, "Glamorous Youth" produced by M. Clink who also produced the Guns N' Roses album "Apetite For Destruction". They later went to Los Angeles, California to finish the album at Rumbo Recorders studio from January through March 2001. May 2001 saw the band play Ozzfest UK at Milton Keynes, England and three shows in London supporting Motörhead and the Backyard Babies. 4 songs taken from the "Glamorous Youth" sessions and released as the "St" EP in August 2001 with different mixes of the songs. In fact "Glamorous Youth" never saw an official release. Pure Rubbish officially split up in April 2003 with Derek and Evan continuing to pursue their musical aspirations in their band Penny Royal and Mike and Jarrett forming the Urgencies who has since recorded two good albums. From Wikipedia (source here)
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