MICKEY JUPP - As The Yeahs Go By

MICKEY JUPP As The Yeahs Go By cd 1991
Standing At The Crossroads Again / No Place Like Home / All Sorts To Make A Woman / Nothing Happened Today / Not Wanted Anymore / The Someone Special / From A Barstool / Old Rock 'n' Roller / There's A Thing / Till Honky Gets Tonky Again / Rock 'n' Roll Peg / Doo Wop Shang-A-Lang Shimmy Shimmy / Funny Old World.
Produced by M. Witham & M. Jupp.
M. Jupp: vocals & guitar / T. Comer: bass guitar / E. Deane: lead guitar / F. Mead: sax & harmonica / The Big Figure: drums.
"Like Dave Edmunds, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Mickey Jupp was a champion of traditional rock & roll during the late '70s, a time when it had been all but discarded. Unlike Edmunds, Jupp wrote the majority of his own material, which updated '50s rock & roll with a tongue-in-cheek irony.
Jupp began his career with the Essex-based British R&B group the Orioles in the early '60s. The band earned a devoted local following in the early '60s, yet they never had the opportunity to record. The Orioles broke up late in 1965 after Jupp was arrested for not making alimony payments to his wife. Three years later, he returned to music, forming Legend, who laid the groundwork for English pub rock of the early '70s. Following the release of their third album in 1971, Legend disbanded and Jupp took another lengthy break from music. When he was coaxed back into performing in 1975 by Lee Brileaux, the lead singer of Dr. Feelgood, pub rock was in its last days yet Jupp was well respected in the scene, since both Ducks Deluxe and Dr. Feelgood had recorded versions of his songs ("Cheque Book" and "Down at the Doctors," respectively).

Jupp released his first solo single, "Nature's Radio," on Arista Records in 1978. The single led to a contract with Stiff Records, who released the "Old Rock 'N' Roller" single and the "Juppanese" album in 1978; the bulk of "Juppanese" was recorded with Rockpile and produced by Nick Lowe. Released the same year as his debut, Mickey Jupp's Legend featured material from his previous band. Following the release of "Juppanese", Jupp joined Stiff's Rail Tour, although he left the lineup before it hit the U.S. because he was afraid of flying. Shortly afterward, he left Stiff Records and signed with Chrysalis in 1979. The same year he released "Long Distance Romancer", which was produced by 10cc members Kevin Godley and Lol Creme; like "Juppanese", it failed to gain a large audience. Jupp moved over to A&M Records in 1982, releasing "Some People Can't Dance". After releasing one more record on A&M, 1983's "Shampoo Haircut and Shave", he was dropped from the label. Jupp spent the rest of the '80s and '90s touring the U.K., releasing the occasional album on independent labels like Line Records." Allmusic
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MICKEY JUPP "As The Yeahs Go By"

I'm a huge fan of Mickey Jupp. The first record I have bought from Mickey J. was the Legend compilation on Stiff Records. I discovered him with "Cheque Book" on the first Dr Feelgood album, "Switchboard Susan" on N. Lowe "Labour of love", etc.
And since "Juppanese" I bought his albums without regrets!

unkerz a dit…

BIG Thank You!

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo Mr Rambler , encore un sans faute ! Votre blog est vraiment le meilleur !
A quand les 2 premiers albums de Sylvain Sylvain ainsi que l'un ou l'autre Robert Gordon tel que Are you gonna be the one ou Bad Boy ?
Keep on rockin' !


OK pour les trois !
On avait déjà en projet Sylvain Sylvain: les rééditions cd (Raven: 2 en 1 ou Wounded Bird séparés)sont correctes au niveau son mais les pochettes sont désolantes par rapport aux très belles pochettes des 2 vinyls: on va donc utiliser le son des cds et Max va faire les pochettes à partir de celles des vinyls!
Le même problème se pose avec les Robert Gordon: on va s'occuper de ça d'ici la fin de l'année !

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo et merci encore !

Jack The Lad a dit…

Very nice! thank you!
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This is Japanese rare power pop album(mp3) for my label,

If it's alright with you,advertise on your blog,
Keep on rockin'!