THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Crypt Style cd 1991 1+2 Records 320 kbps
Lovin' Up A Storm / Support-A-Man / White Tail / '78 Style / Chicken Walk / Mo Chicken-Let's Get Funky / Water Main / Like A Hawk / Big Headed Baby / The Feeling Of Love / Kill A Man / Rachel / History Of Sex / Come Back / Twenty Nine / What To Do / 40 lb Block of Cheese / Write A Song / I.E.V./ Eye To Eye / Eliza Jane / Maynard Ave. / Colty / Intro A / Biological.
Produced by J. Spencer.
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: J. Bauer: guitar & harp / R. Simins: traps / J. Spencer: vocals & guitar.
Originally from Hanover, New Hampshire, Jon Spencer moved to Washington, DC where he fronted the band Pussy Galore. After that band's breakup, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion formed in 1990 in New York City. The band members had played in bands including The Honeymoon Killers, Crowbar Massage, and Boss Hog prior to the formation of the Blues Explosion.
They signed to the large independent label Matador shortly after, and have since gathered a large cult following. They are one of the select notable groups to cultivate a punk blues sound in the 1990s. Their sound became key in the emergence of later blues and punk inspired rock bands such as the Oblivians and, later in the decade, bands like The White Stripes, Soledad Brothers and The Immortal Lee County Killers.
Their musical style is rooted in punk, blues rock and garage rock, and sometimes borrows from rockabilly, soul, noise rock, and rhythm & blues. The Blues Explosion has released seven official studio albums, as well as multiple 45s.
"Crypt Style" is the second official album by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and was first released in 1992 on CD in Japan on the "1+2" label. It was later released with an abbreviated track listing on CD in Germany, and as an LP in the US, both in 1993 under the Crypt label. The album tracks were recorded in two different sessions. The first come from a recording session with Kramer in July 1991, and followed by a recording session with Steve Albini in November and December 1991.
Many of the tracks that appear on this album are the same ones that appear on both "A Reverse Willie Horton Bootleg" LP and" The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion" CD that was released in the US in 1992. Because there are three versions of this album with different track listings, many people consider this release to be the same as the self-titled release, because all of the tracks are from the same two recording sessions. Source

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THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION: "Crypt Style" 320 kbps + covers

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Daniel a dit…

This was the very first Jon Spencer album I bought: Thanks for the digital version!! I specially love two versions here: Hound Dog Taylor's "Let's Get Funky" (also covered by the Beasts Of Bourbon) and "Lovin' Up A Storm" (performed by the Killer himself and the Trashmen at least, but I guess lots more). Love your blog, please keep on rockin'! We're sons of the dolls!!

miguel a dit…

Grazie per condividere la musica.
I recommend your blog at: http://ollagitana.blogspot.com
y puedes leer mis críticas en: http://migueltebaralmansa.blogspot.com

Anonyme a dit…

Judah Bauer!!!

Anonyme a dit…

have always loved the cover photo...Russel Simmins in drah...urghh,scary stuff