FILTHY LUCRE - Popsmear (re-up)

FILTHY LUCRE Popsmear 1997 Neat Metal 320 kbps
Ariata / Outta control / Black Cadillac / Baby I want / Hollywood / Milk my honey / Brand new deal / Sucksex / Can't kick / Ladbroke groove .
Filthy Lucre : Phil Lewis : guitar, vocals / Steve Dior: guitar, vocals / MC Bones: percussion / Jim Writ: bass.
Phil Lewis had kept busy over his five year hiatus from LA Guns. In 1997, he and Michael "Bones" Gershima (now calling himself MC Bones) formed Filthy Lucre along with guitarist Steve Dior (ex London Cowboys) and released the album "Popsmear" on Pulse Records (Neat Metal for UK).
"In 1993, I formed a band with my friend Steve Dior from London Cowboys called Filthy Lucre. We recorded a cool record called "Pop Smear", drank a lot of tequila and drove around America in a van playing clubs and having a blast..." P. Lewis
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FILTHY LUCRE - Popsmear (re-up)

contains one song "I can't kick" co-written by Steve Dior & Johnny Thunders !

Enjoy it & leave comments please !

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