GREG KIHN - Unkihntrollable

GREG KIHN Unkihntrollable cd 1989
Do Anything You Wanna Do / Happy Man° / Green River* / The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'em)* / Crazy About You (Everybody's crazy)° / Madison Avenue* / Can't Stop Hurtin' Myself / Jeopardy° / For You* / Lingerie°.
Produced by A. Frager
Greg Kihn Band: G. Kihn: lead vocals, rhythm guitar / S. Wright: bass guitar, vocals / J. Lyon: lead guitar, pilot / M. Schuchardt: drums
+ D. Clifford (Creedence): drums, songs arrangements on * / D. Hitchings: keyboards, keyboards guitars on °.
G. Kihn began his career in his hometown of Baltimore, MD, working in the singer/songwriter mold, but switched to straightforward rock & roll when he moved to San Francisco in 1974. The following year, he became one of the first artists signed to Matthew Kaufman's now-legendary Beserkley Records. Along with Jonathan Richman, Earthquake, and the Rubinoos, Kihn helped to carve the label's sound -- melodic pop with a strong '60s pop sensibility -- a refreshing alternative to the bloated prog rock of the time. In 1976, after his debut on the compilation "Beserkley Chartbusters", he recorded his first album with his own band consisting of Ronnie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass), and Larry Lynch (drums). Through the '70s, he released an album each year and built a strong cult following through constant touring, becoming Beserkley's biggest seller.("G. Kihn" in 1976,"G. Kihn Again" in 1977, "Next Of Kihn" in 1978, "With The Naked Eye" in 1979, "Glass House Rock" in 1980: all full of good powerpop songs!) In 1981, he earned his first bonafide hit with the Top 20 single, "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)," from the "Rockihnroll" album. He continued in a more commercial vein through the '80s with a series of pun-titled albums: "Kihntinued" (1982), "Kihnspiracy" (1983), "Kihntageous" (1984), and "Citizen Kihn" (1985). He scored his biggest hit with 1983's "Jeopardy" (number two) from the "Kihnspiracy" album. One more single broke the Top 40, 1985's "Lucky," but by the time "Love and Rock and Roll" was released in 1986, the puns had run out and so had the hits. Kihn kept a relatively low profile throughout the '90s, releasing "Mutiny" in 1994 and "Horror Show" in 1996. "All the Right Reasons" an anthology followed in mid-2000. Allmusic
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GREG KIHN: "Live-Unkihntrollable"

A good live album! Check these covers :
-"Green River" with Doug Clifford himself on drums.
-"Do Anything You Wanna Do" from the excellent Eddie & The Hot Rods !!!

Have a good time & leave comments !

Request: All the Greg Kihn albums from 1976 to 1996, in CD format only (got the lp's) are very welcome.
Get in touch...thanks !

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for your job and fo this site!
There was a user last month requesting THE CRUMBS ("Self title lookout" lp and "Hold that shit right" lp).
I associate to him to be grateful if you could upload those....


the only Crumbs I have is "Last Exit"...

Anonyme a dit…

self title cd lookout
7$ / ebay

MISER !!!!!


Anonyme a dit…

Crumbs last Exit will be fine!

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Je n' ai aucune info qui va dans ce sens (simplement des serveurs encombrés à certaines heures et ça risque d'empirer car de + en + de gens délaissent le peer-to-peer par crainte et on les retrouve en free sur Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc)
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melvinrussell a dit…

I haven't thought much of Greg Kihn in years, but I've played this a bunch of times already. Good, clean fun. Thanks for the post.