THE CRUMBS - Last Exit

THE CRUMBS Last Exit cd 2003
Hobos / All Chocked Up / Drunken Call / Teenage Con Artist / Trouble On My Trail / The Anticipation / Nasty Child / One Last Score / Overload / Wrong Hand Again / Dead Guy Boogie / Dangerous Distractions / Tonight We Bleed / Till Next Day.
Produced by J. du Bois
The Crumbs: R.Classic: vocals & guitar / Johnny B.: guitar / M. "Grim" Gemelli: drums / T. Vargas: drums.
Miami, FL's, the Crumbs formed out of their love for the Ramones, '50s rock, and an excessive habit of coffee and alcohol. Consisting of Raf Classic (guitar/vocals), Johnny B (guitar), Emil 4 1/2 (bass), and former Chickenhead vocalist Chuck Loose (drums), additional inspirations of the Dead Boys, the Pagans, Crime, the Stooges, the MC5, and other pre-1977 punk acts paved the way for the Crumbs' sound. Recess Records released the band's first EP," I Fell in Love With an Alien Girl and I Think I'm Goin' to Mars With Her", in 1995, which was soon followed by the Far Out Records 10", "Get All Tangled Up", that same year. After signing to Lookout Records, the EP "Shakespeare" was released in 1996 as was their 1997 self-titled full-length. Chuck Loose eventually departed in 1997 to focus on the Drug Czars, while his replacement, Grim, was swiped from fellow Miami punkers the Basicks. By 1998, Lookout Records followed with the "Crumbs' second album entitled "Low and Behold". Allmusic
Other records: "Out Of Range" (2000); "Hold That Shit Right" (2006);
"Dade County Trash" (2008); "Live In Baltimore" (2010);"Gator Kicks" (2010)...
Classic Crumbs tunefull punk rock with that outlaw rocknroll edge that only they can capture. This is high energy, raw, in your face rocknroll, a must have... Their best release to date, 5 stars, two thumbs up, dude!" cdbaby
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THE CRUMBS "Last Exit"

Pure punk rocks ... don't forget the comments !

trgec a dit…

cheers...and thanks for posting this one as I requested little bit earlier...this is again another great release by mighty Crumbs...after splitting Devil Dogs this band is one of my faves...'hanx!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi P.
Got the first and the second album, if you want it send me a mail.