THE ZEROS - 4-3-2-1 ... The Zeros

THE ZEROS 4-3-2-1 ... The Zeros cd 1991 Restless
Introduction / Oh yeah / Love's not fair / Sticky sweet girls / Zero to mom / Death rock girl (did you see?) / Rich chicks / Nobody cares / Too young / Society wish I knew / Do you want some more ? / Raging rock'n'roll / 4-3-2-1 / Goodnight.
Produced by R. Goudie.
The Zeros: S. Serious: lead vocals / J. Normal: guitars, backing vocals, slide, E. Bow / D. Dangerous: bass, shouts / Mr Insane: drums, backing vocals, keyboards.
The Zeros are the brainchild of S. Serious , a true glam/powerpop genius. It's so unfair that this band still play the clubs instead of the arenas. Formed in the early 80's as Double O' Zeros but later shortened their name to simply The Zeros. Their debut cd "4321.. the Zeros" was released in 1991. A great powerpop/glam/punk album. Unfortunately D. Dangerous left the band due to personal reasons, he was replaced by T. Staci.
The Zeros released an ep "Names. vol 1" (more fun than good actually) before the departure of Mr Insane and J. Normal, which formed an own band called The Hutchinsons . They were replaced with S. Starr (drums) and J. Glitter (guitar). The Zeros released their third cd "Rule the world" which has a more serious approach, which say nothing compared to "Names. vol 1"
Now in the late 90's, The Zeros are still around making some major noise. T. Staci (now with The Mistakes) and J. Glitter is out. D. Dangerous is back! Anyway this is a band that deserves stardom. Through glam's ups n downs you could/can always rely on The Zeros, they never throw in the tovel or jump on the bandwagon! Source

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