LES PLAYBOYS - Je revendique

SINGLES: LES PLAYBOYS Je revendique /Pourvu que ça soule /Ca l'exaspère /Lisa EP 2004 wav
Les Playboys: F. Albertini: vocals /M. Nègre: guitar / M. Galliani: guitar /F. Durban: bass /G. Guizol: drums.
They have been friends for more than 30 years and have always been associated with French pop rock.We find them again in the mid seventies as initiators of the punk movement in France called "The Dentist", then in 1979 they were at the origin of the sixties garage revival, like their American friends "The Fleshtones". Henceforward immortalized by the Rock Dictionary which consecrates them a full page, they are regarded as "one of the best of this kind". Today after 5 LPs and 4 EPs which alternate covers (from British Beat to American garage, surf...)and their own French composing in Ronnie Bird or Dutronc spirit (their name is refering to), they remain above all an energic scenic band whose sound is always incredibly faithfull to the sixties. They have played in many mods rallies during the last years. Source
Last album: "Abracadabrantesque" Buy it here !!!

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LES PLAYBOYS "Je revendique" wav + covers

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Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Terrible ! Dantesque ! Ca existait et je ne connaissais pas ! Où sont ils ? Que font ils ? Ca m'exaspère !

Love15 (Enzo) a dit…

Arghhh ! je viens à peine de trouver leur dernier EP des 80s qui me manquait et tu me déniches des trucs d'eux que je ne connaissais même pas !

Merci encore !!!! Je les adore (special thinkings to Fred M)

Anonyme a dit…

Ça a l'air d'être une perle attrayante, mais le lien est périmé...

Marc (Canada)