TIM SCOTT - The High Lonesome Sound

TIM SCOTT The High Lonesome Sound lp 1987 320 kbps
Sound of Thunder / I Could Be Anything / The Great Escape / Easy Time / Release / Low Ride / Fire Down / In This World / High Hopes / Under a New Heaven / Hey Sister.
Produced by M. Froom.
T. Scott: vocals, guitar & harmonica /J. Scheff: bass / M. Curry: drums / M. Froom: keyboards + guests.
Tim Scott is an artist who has been around since the early 1980’s. He has used his full name, Tim Scott-McConnell, as well as just Tim Scott, and now, well... that's another story...
Whatever he’s called, Tim is a serious, professional artist with a bottomless pit of great songs (all of which he currently owns), a storied history, and at all times, a clear vision of what he’s doing.
He has held several major label record and publishing contracts and with each, enjoyed respectable successes along the way. He was signed to Island Records by Chris Blackwell after he saw Tim perform at CBGB in The Rockats, the original rockabilly punk band. He was later signed to Sire Records by label co-founders Seymour Stein & Richard Gottherer , who realized Tim’s value as both an artist and a songwriter. In 1983, Tim penned a song called “Swear” and Sire released an album featuring the song, produced by Gottherer. But Tim wasn’t happy with the direction Sire was pointing him in and so he "got out of his contract"...
Tim was soon picked up by Geffen, who matched him with producer Mitchell Froom and together they recorded an album, "The High Lonesome Sound" in 1987. But his A&R guy left the company before the album was released and that was the end of that.

So he put together a new band and in 1990, The Havalinas were signed by Elektra Records, issued one self-titled album, and proceeded to tour the world for over a year, opening for name acts such as Bob Dylan (who personally asked for them). One of The Havalinas’ songs that Tim wrote, “High Hopes”, caught the ear of Bruce Springsteen and he ended up covering it for his 1996 video and audio release, “Blood Brothers”.
By then, Tim had moved to Norway (of all places), where he spent the better part of 14 years raising a family while writing for and doing several records of his own with a few different companies such as WEA and MCA/Universal Music. He continued touring throughout.
In early 2008, he returned to the US, hired his old friend and co-conspiritor, Dan Nash's Just Great Management, pissed off a really big lawyer, and began doing whatever it takes to get back on the map. Source
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans!
Cd covers by Max!

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TIM SCOTT "The High Lonesome Sound" 320 kbps + cd covers by MAX!

Thanks to Fabien for music & scans!

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Nancy Neon a dit…

Great stuff!
How about some Havalinas as well?


Why not ...

Anonyme a dit…

Only Ones - Even Serpents Shine 1979(Remastered 2009)


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11 Instrumental

bonus tracks

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Slits - Cut 1979 (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 2009)


01.Instant Hit [02:45]
02.So Tough [02:42]
03.Spend, Spend, Spend [03:18]
04.Shoplifting [01:38]
05.Fm [03:36]
06.Newtown [03:50]
07.Ping Pong Affair [04:17]
08.Love Und Romance [02:29]
09.Typical Girls [03:57]
10.Adventures Close To Home [03:26]
11.I Heard It Through The Grapevine [04:01]
12.Liebe And Romanze [04:46]
13.Typical Girls [04:20]
14.Love And Romance [02:26]
15.Vindictive [02:17]
16.Newtown [03:30]
17.Shoplifting [01:30]
18.So Tough [02:18]
19.Instant Hit [02:32]
20.FM [03:35]


01.I Heard It Through The Grapevine [03:47]
02.Instant Hit [02:34]
03.Spend, Spend, Spend [03:29]
04.Newtown [03:39]
05.Adventures Close To Home [03:39]
06.Instant Hit [02:44]
07.So Tough [02:41]
08.Spend, Spend, Spend [03:20]
09.Shoplifting [01:40]
10.FM [03:54]
11.Newtown [04:32]
12.Ping Pong Affair [04:41]
13.Love Und Romance [02:29]
14.Typical Girls [04:18]
15.Adventures Close To Home [03:28]
16.So Tough [01:39]
17.Instant Hit [02:35]
18.Typical Girls [04:02]
19.Spend, Spend, Spend [03:18]
20.In The Beginning, There Was Rhythm [05:53]




Anonyme a dit…

Juste un passage pour dire merci
Ce blog est excellent !
je passe souvent (me sers un petit skeud parfois, mais commente presque jamais - correction ce soir)


Hank a dit…

Hey, thanks. An old favourite of mine, you saved me the trouble of ripping it - and I'm sure you do it much better!