THE LITTLE MURDERS - We Should Be Home By Now

THE LITTLE MURDERS We Should Be Home By Now cd 2001 320 kbps
All That She Said To Me / There Is No One Like Her / The Keys To My Heart / It's Your Life / Is It Over With Us / And The She Falls / Sandie Shaw / We Should Be Home By Now / We Should Be Home By Now / The Way Of The World / Any Day Now / Almost Over / Holiday / Paint The Sky / Mind Video Open.
Produced by C. Pilkington.
The Little Murders 2001: R. Griffiths: vocals & guitars / C. Pilkington: guitar, brass, bits & pieces / T. Robertson: bass / M. Barclay: drums.
"...In late 1995, Rob Griffiths revived the Little Murders name, and over the next 18 months recorded a new album. Backing musicains inclued R. Hayward, P. Wales (guitar), C. Pilkington(guitar; ex-Killjoys), and D. Foley(drums). The album ''...and stuff like that' (june1997) comprised the new material(including the single '100 drugs') plus six previously released cuts. By that stage, Griffiths had a new Little Murders line-up on the road with Tony Robertson (bass), plus Paul Thomas(guitar) and Michael Barclay(drums). Little Murders issued a new cd-single '100,000 guitars' in September 1998. It was lifted from the band's second cd for the Swerve label 'First Light'. The album featured the line-up pf Griffiths, Thomas, Barclay, Pilkington and K. Stalker(vocals) playing pure guitar pop. The second cd single from the album 'Andy Warhol retrospective' followed in June 1999 .Little Murders released their fourth album in 2001 called 'We should be home by now", which garnered the best reviews of their career. In August 2009 they released a retrospective album "Stop Plus Singles"on the excellent australian label Off The Hip featuring all tracks recorded between 1979 and 1985. They also played support to "From The Jam" and are now playing regularly around Melbourne." Source

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THE LITTLE MURDERS "We should be home by now" 320 kbps + covers

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