THE LITTLE MURDERS - ...And Stuff Like That

THE LITTLE MURDERS ...And Stuff Like That cd 198 320 kbps
One Hundred Drug / Dancing Away / ...Love And And Stuff Like That / Original / Don't Let Go / I Need A Holiday / I Wanted You / Angel Falls / Anything / She Wants To Change The World / The Night A Last Control / This Is Your Life / She Lets Me Know / Things Will Be Different / What's The Matter With Mary / She's The One / After The Fire / It's Over.
The Little Murders: R. Griffiths: guitar, vocal/ C. Small: guitar, vocals/ K. Hamilton: bass / R. Flegg: drums.
Named after the 1971 Alan Arkin-directed film, Rob Griffiths formed Little Murders in 1979 and they soon became the most influential mod band during the late '70s and early '80s in Melbourne, Australia.
The band's debut single, "Things will Be Different"/"Take Me I'm Yours," (December 1979), quickly sold its initial 1000 copies and remains a classic Australian pop record of the time. They released two more singles on the Au-go-go label: "High School"/"Trouble With Love" and "She Lets Me Know"/"It's Over." Guitarist/vocalist Rob Griffiths released the single "Melody"/"Waiting" during this time under the name Dance Set in 1981.
By 1982 the lineup comprised R. Griffiths, R. Hayward on guitar, C. Hunter on bass, and M. Barclay on drums. Unable to secure a new record deal, Griffiths broke up the band in December 1983. The band had a revival of sorts in 1985 when Polyester Records issued the "100 Drugs"/"The Beat Goes On" single (recorded in 1983 and 1979, respectively). Au-go-go issued the retrospective album of singles and unreleased work titled "Stop!" in 1986.
A full revival followed in late 1995 when Griffiths recorded a new album, "...And Stuff Like That", with R. Hayward, P. Wales (guitar), C. Pilkington (guitar), T. Ennis (bass), and D. Foley (drums). The album was released in June 1997 and comprised new and previously released material. Griffith's took Little Murders on the road with another lineup consisting of T. Ennis, P. Thomas (guitar), and M. Barclay (drums) from "Weddings, Parties, Anything"
Their second album, "First Light", was released on the Swerve label in September 1998 and produced the singles "10,000 Guitars" and "Andy Warhol Retrospective." All Music Guide

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THE LITTLE MURDERS "...And stuff like that" 320 kbps + covers

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votre mission a pétaouchnok a été annulé alors Mr MR
bonne nouvelle

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ca va finir en bible du rock en france votre blog mr SOTD

merci et bravo

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Lovely share !!!!
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J'ai lu cette histoire sur Soggy, cette saga même ... et ça m'a passionné ! Un vrai gang de potes !!!
Je suis passé à côté du groupe à l'époque et quand j'ai voulu acheter le lp chez Mémoire Neuve , il était épuisé !
La vidéo sur You Tube de "Waiting for the war" est extraordinaire !
Donnez-nous des chanteurs (et des groupes) de cette trempe !
Si qq un possède un rip du lp ... en espérant une éventuelle réédition!