MOTÖRHEAD - The Golden Years - Live EP

MOTÖRHEAD The Golden Years - Live EP Maxi EP 1980 Bronze 320 kbps
Leaving Here / Stone Dead Forever / Dead Men Tell No Tales / Too Late, Too Late.
Produced by Motörhead & N. Raymonde.
Motörhead: Lemmy : vocals & bass / "Fast" Eddie Clarke: guitar, vocals /Phil Taylor: drums.
Motörhead issued "The Golden Years Live EP" in April of 1980. The group's fan base realized what a powerful act Motörhead was on stage and demanded live material from Lemmy & the boys. The group honored the fans request, pushing out the four-song EP, which includes a cover of the Motown cut "Leaving Here", which Motörhead had been performing for years. The EP went top ten in the U.K., with "Stone Dead Forever" and "Dead Men Tell No tales" leading the way. Source
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MOTÖRHEAD "The Golden Years - Live EP" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

play it loud

((( ((( d¤_¤b ))) )))

Anonyme a dit…

With the excellent 'Fast' Eddie Clarke & 'Philthy Animal' Taylor, this was the best years of Motörhead!!!

Longy a dit…

I saw them again on Wednesday and they are still great! Thanks for this one.

vex_voxtone a dit…

MOTÖRHEAD at it's best !!!!
Fast, ferocious and tight ... this line-up was the best RNR trio ever and the best live band ever !!!

Anonyme a dit…

Their finest hour.

George Caldera a dit…

Bajando, mercí amigos!!

Mighty High a dit…

Oh yeah! One of my all time favorites.