THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Bones + Flowers cd/lp 1987/88 Survival 320 kbps
I've got a feeling / Igloo / She said / Girl in my dreams / Casualty of love / In his shoes / Our time at last / Dream away / Take another language / Living vampyre / Colour me gone / Don't turn away.
Produced by C. Masuak & A. Thorne.
The Screaming Tribesmen :
W. Fraser : drums, vocals / C. "Klondike" Masuak : guitar, piano, vocals/ M. Medew : lead vocals, guitar / B. Wackley : bass, vocals.

Bones + Flowers is the most appealing effort by Australian combo Screaming Tribesmen -- a melodic pop album that resembles a muscular Let's Active. "I've Got a Feeling" was distributed internationally and featured on MTV's 120 Minutes at the time, and the Tribesmen's appearance in the midst of the Church's breakthrough with "Starfish" seemed to presage an Australian Invasion that never came to pass. Screaming Tribesmen might have better reached the "alternative" audience if they hadn't looked like a heavy metal band; likewise, the band's name and album art didn't come close to matching the mood of their music. The Tribesmen didn't last long after the commercial disappointment of "Bones + Flowers", but the album remains a sturdy collection of recordings, with the catchy, jangly "Girl in My Dreams" and "Dream Away" as highlights. Allmusic

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THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Bones + Flowers" 320kbps + covers

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Toxxy a dit…

Cheers Rambler!

Anonyme a dit…

M.R. return on OZ way
real pleasure


Anonyme a dit…

Great live band. Have all the earlier stuff but for some reason never picked this up. Thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

cool stuff! looking forward to maybe hearing "Top Of The Town" in digital! Saw the Tribesmen whilst on holiday to Sydney in 1988...great rockin' stuff!! thanks again....jim


"Top of the Town + 1st ep" coming just after "Blood Lust + Take Cover" ...

Powerpopster a dit…

Already got this, but just let me thank you for this excellent blog that lets me get hold of all rare Aussie (and other) stuff that is so hard to find on record nowadays.
Cheers from Sweden.

Mark a dit…

This is the one on clear vinyl- this IS a good record!