THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Blood Lust cd/lp 1990 Survival 320 kbps
High Priestess / Ayla /Hammer / Gypsy Woman / Frozen Tracks /Queen Of The Night Time World / Going Away / Lights Go Down / The Girl I Love / Something Dangerous / I can't stand it* / Stay with me* / Hot sand* / Left in the dark*.
*Bonus tracks from the "Take Cover" maxi E.P.
Produced & Mixed by Kevin 'caveman' Shirley.
The Screaming Tribesmen : Mick Medew : Guitar & Lead Vocals /Brian Mann : Guitar / Jeff Silver : Bass /Richie Hine : Drums, Percussion .
+ additional vocals by Chris Flynn.

"... In april 1989, Chris Masuak left the Tribesmen to reform the Hitmen. Wackley and Fraser also departed, which left Medew to gather up the pieces. He recruited a new line-up of Glen 'Electric' Morris (lead guitar ; ex-Kings of the Sun) , 'Long' Jeff Silver (bass, ex-Volcanoes, Radio Luxembourg) and Ritchie 'the bandit' Hine (drums, ex-Terrapins, Radio Luxembourg) .
The band issued the 5-track, 12-inch EP 'Take Cover' (august 1989), which comprised all cover versions, including the Dictators' 'Stay with me' , the Allusions' 'Gypsy woman' (also on 'Blood Lust'), Lou Reed's 'I can't stand it' , Shockin' Blue's 'Hot Sand' & Ken Draznik's (from the Vertebrats) 'Left in the dark'.

Morris remained with the band for nine months before returning to the Kings of the Sun. Ex-Girlies, Headstones, Brian Mann took his place, and the band issued the 'Blood Lust' album in March 1991. This lp produced the 12-inch single 'Ayla' with an accoustic version of 'Igloo' & 'Santa's little helper' , on b side (if someone got this 12'...) .
'Blood Lust' included a couple of the band's heaviest ever songs like 'High Priestess', 'Frozen Tracks' , 'Something Dangerous' and 'Queen of the Night Time World' . Survival also issued "High Time - A Collection" in december 1990. German label Normal issued 'Blood Lust' in Europe and the band toured there to a positive response..." I. McFarlane
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THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Blood Lust" , "Take Cover" 320 kbps + artwork

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

pretty good stuff! any hope of seeing an upload of the Tribesmens' "Top Of The Town EP, for us completists out there? keep up the great work it's MUCH appreciated by us all!!! jim


"Top of the town" + 2 others will be posted at the end of the week ...

Brian a dit…

Been after their cover of "Left in the Dark" for ages! Thanks!!

Anonyme a dit…

I listened this release few days ago and i have to say, unfortunetly this packet contains wrong version of Gypsy Woman.
(This version is from Blood Lust album and is not so good)

Thanks from Cover art anyway!
And please don't stop.