FREDDY LYNXX & THE CORNER GANG Full Cover cd 2004 320 kbps
Soul Power / Can't keep my eyes on you / Miss X / Never a dull moment / Respectable / When the rain comes / I'll stay by your side / Baby glows in the dark /I got a line on you / Shame for the angels / In cold blood / Rockin' in New York City / Bye bye Johnny (bonus cd).
Freddy Lynxx : guitar, lead & backing vocals (
see the artwork for credits)

“Full Cover” (2004) takes its name from the military term for “total protection” which Lynxx gleaned from the Ridley Scott film “Blackhawk Down,” apropos for a band called The Corner Gang but according to Lynxx, “nobody noticed anything.” Something tells me that’s all about to change. Covers and/or tribute albums usually leave me cold, but “Full Cover” is a tumbling, messy, and unbuttoned affair brimming with élan, spirit and first-take vitality which sounds as if it was recorded straight through, sans ceremony, in one alcohol-blurred evening. Hard to believe the various producers (Roger Lavalee, Patrick Klein, Jeff Dahl, Steve Baise, and John Rivers) had much to do besides cover the mixing console with plastic, press “record,” and shout out “see you on the other side.”
“Full Cover” is one long stab ‘em and slab ‘em highlight, from the enthusiastic dismantling of dusty shouter “Soul Power” to Lynxx and Nikki Sudden leaving skid marks and the faint odor of bleach up one side of Chuck Berry’s “Bye Bye Johnny” and down the other, Max Decharne trying in vain not to be left holding the bag behind the piano, briefly channeling Jerry Lee Lewis before leaving him in the lurch. If these two songs alone don’t make your heart palpitate, don’t waste your time with defibrillators. Like a bad penny, Marcade returns to cough up a lung cookie on his own “Baby Glows In The Dark,” fellow Sender Wild Bill Thompson and Lynxx sounding as if they’re using ginsu knives coated with titanium alloy for slides and slamming this scribe with an epiphany: I’ve been completely

asleep at the switch when it comes to The Senders. What rock have they been hiding under all of these years? Duh…
One of the biggest surprises here is the classy take on the MC5’s “Miss X,” a brief respite from the dizzying maelstrom of Les Pauls that are Lynxx’s stock in trade, Cathy Peters and Cheryle Crane oozing soul with vocals that are harder than a whore’s heart. A veritable six-string murderer’s row of Mr. Ratboy, Lynxx, and K drag the Stones’ “Respectable” even further down into the spuzz than Keef and Ronnie were ever able to, kicking the tempo up just enough to make it their own. Lynxx and K sashay into the room on Thunders’ “In Cold Blood,” drop their cigarette ashes on the carpet, and still manage to charm themselves an invite to the next party.
While “Larger Than Life” remains the last word in the Lynxx canon, “Full Cover” comes close – damn close – to sending it to the showers from atop its lofty pedestal. It’s another loud knock at the door marked “Big Time,” ignoring the “No Solicitors” sign and shaking your hand while minding not to flash too much of the diamond-encrusted pinky ring and Rolex watch. How much longer does Lynxx have to pound the pavement before someone invites him in? C. Paull
- I-94 Bar
PS : This cd
(presented in a dvd box) contains 1 extra track to lp version & the lp version contains 4 extra tracks not on the cd. If someone gets the lp version & want to rip this 4 extra tracks ... welcome !

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Freddy Lynxx & the Corner Gang "Full Cover" 320 kbps + covers

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Many thankx friend for this mega post. Fantastic rock.

Luis Salle

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Another killer post!!!!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

vex_voxtone a dit…

Great album of covers played by Freddy and his pals Kevin K, Nikki Sudden, Hiroshi The Golden Arm, Rick Blaze etc ... they are playing them from the heart and that's the only way Freddy can play. Freddy Lynxx is a damn good musician and thanx so much for sharing this gem.

Anonyme a dit…

wow!! Freddy Lynxx rocks!!!love his stuff!! The recordings he did wit NS where great (...Burning Citroen).

SOTD rules!!!

Jorge a dit…

Gracias, saludos desde Argentina!

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Many thanks for sharing this one...splendid stuff as allways here on SONS OF THE DOLLS.
Best Danny.

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This is the fucking bollocks!! Maan what a great rock'n'roll record! Cheers for this one!!!

Ian a dit…

Fuckin' album, great sound! And "Baby Glows In The Dark" with Phil Marcadé is amazing!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi mate !

Je tenais une nouvelle fois à te remercier ...