THE LAZY COWGIRLS - Broken hearted on Valentines Day

THE LAZY COWGIRLS Broken Hearted on Valentines Day 1998 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps
Just the last goodbye / That makes it tough / Home of the blues/ Broken hearted on Valentines day.
Produced by the Lazy Cowgirls & Earle Mankey.
The Lazy Cowgirls : P. Todd : vocals, accoustic guitar & percussion / E. Chandler : guitar, vocals / R. Johnson : guitar, vocals / L. Keringer : bass, vocals / B. Deagle : drums, percussion.

The Lazy Cowgirls dropped this four-song EP during the interim between 'A Little Sex and Death' and 'Rank Outsider', and if it's something less than essential, it packs a whole lot of wallop into just 12 minutes. With love gone wrong dominating the disc's four tunes, you get a hard-charging breakup tune ("Just the Last Goodbye"), two cranked-to-ten covers (Buddy Holly's "That Makes It Tough" and Johnny Cash's "Home of the Blues"), and the slower, blues-tinged title cut, which boasts a soulful vocal from Pat Todd and some superb guitar leads from Eric Chandler. While the excellent title song is the best reason to own this, 'Broken Hearted on Valentines Day' has heart, soul, swagger, and energy to spare from first note to last — in short, it's a Lazy Cowgirls record, and every home should have one. M. Deming - All Music.com

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