CHRIS WILSON & FRIENDS - Back on the Barbary Coast

CHRIS WILSON & FRIENDS Back on the Barbary Coast cd 1993 flac
The derelict / Sympathy for the devil° / If I wishes where horses° / On my own again° / Dark haired girl* / This is London°.
Produced & arranged by C. Wilson, M. Wilhelm, D. Mihm & J. Ferrell.
The players : C. Wilson : lead vocals, electric & accoustic guitars, bass on° / M. Wilhelm : electric & accoustic guitars , backup vocals / J. Ferrell : accoutic guitar , electric slide & rhythm guitar, backup vocals, bass on* / D. Mihm : drums, percussion, backup vocals, special effects.

This album is something of a mini Groovies reunion. It features Mike Wilhelm, Danny Mihm and James Ferrell along with some first rate songs including a blistering cover of 'Sympathy for the Devil' , a sea song 'The derelict' ...
" Ha-harrrrrrrrrrr mateys... I must confess I bought this superb album for the song 'The Derelict '(Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum), which is one of the best versions I have ever heard, along with the version by The Bilge Pumps - Craig Lutke and the rest of those old salty sea dogs - uh, from Texas.
I can vouch for the physical quality of this CUTOUT CD too. Perfect condition. Haunting and original cover art.
Chris, the singer with the Flamin' Groovies, has one of the best voices in Rock, and songs like 'If Wishes Were Horses' really are a showcase for his talent. Classic song, great singer.
Whether original songs or covers, Chris always delivers, and this is one tight backing band. A superb album which I would highly recommend, especially if you have a Pirate thing going on.
Arrrrrrrr... " S. Cain on Amazon.com

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CHRIS WILSON & FRIENDS "Back on Barbary Coast" flac + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

I have this one, The Derelict is a classic. Just a pitty they didn't do a full length CD. Outstanding.

Skip a dit…

This was jaw dropping good... love the groovies but this was just in-f'n-credible

Howdjadoo a dit…

Boy o boy I almost missed this one ,once more a big THANX and keep them comming - Howdy