THE LIFTERS - Texas trash

THE LIFTERS Texas trash cd 2005 320 kbps
Room 99 / Mama tried / She's a devil / Roller queen / Trouble / Animal / Free / NYC / Make believe / ... .
Produced by The Lifters & J. Tuten.
The Lifters : T.Mack : Vox, guitar / M.J. Wane : guitar / G. Herman : bass / B. Rivers : tubbs.
The Lifters consist of three battle hardened Texas musicians, each of which have an extensive history in local and national bands. They started out in 2001 and have since released two cd's : last one "Texas Trash" in 2005 (grab it here!)
The Lifters have a street rock/Texas sound that's had them compared to Hank lll, Social Distortion, Joe Ely, and ZZ Top.
"If these dudes had different guitars (don't ask me what kind, man, I'm a rock writer, I don't know anything about anything), they'd be Junkyard, because the whole honky-tonk biker-metal-motherfucker-with-a-heart-of-brass vibe is here, and it's shining like new chrome. But they don't have those guitars – I believe they were discontinued in 1989 – so they sound sorta like the Supersuckers drinking manly liquor with the Pogues*. And that's cool too, just not as loud or as greasy. The songs are all classic shitkicker laments, lotsa talk about women with the devil in 'em ("She's a Devil"), sometimes on wheels ("Roller Queen"), sometimes in New York City (um, "NYC"); the guitars slip and slide like old friends on the backporch, drinking the weekend away, T Mack's vocals are ragged and honest, and often joined by the fellas for the choruses, and the whole thing just reeks of dive bars with chickenwire fences, and long-gone Saturday nights. Oh, and there's an Elvis cover, too. Same one that Danzig did, 'cept the Lifters are little more authentic, as Elvis didn't lift a lotta weights or worship Satan. Anyway, "Texas Trash" is a very good record for people who drink beer. Or people who used to drink beer. Or people who often clean up after people who drink too much beer, and puke all over the floor. Anybody beer related, really.*Minus the accordions of course, as we are talking about Texans here.. -Sleazegrinder.com-

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The Lifters: "Texas trash" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & buy it please !

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Cheers Toxxy !

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