SCOTT MORGAN needs our help !!!

Dear Friends,

Scott Morgan (Sonic's Rendezvous Band, the Rationals, the Solution...) needs our help. About three months ago, Scott was diagnosed with severe liver disease and ascites (no Hep C). He is stable and living at home but we still don't know to what extent damage can be reversed. This healing is a very long and slow process and we simply have to wait to see how his body responds to treatment. Scott is firmly committed to getting well without surgery and is doing everything in his power to make that happen. Needless to say, he quit drinking at once.Many of you have asked about his voice. It sounds very scratchy and weak at this point and he hasn't even attempted to sing! Once again, the extent to which it will come back remains to be seen. He needs to see a specialist for diagnosis. We'll keep you posted.
Financially, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital has an assistance program that covers part of his bills, (bless them), however, there is still the other part that Scott has to pay, which is significant, plus anything outside their health system such as prescriptions, etc. Although we have applied for Medicaid and other Social Services, these are difficult days for those funds and nothing has been approved as yet.In order to show our support and help Scott through tough times, a group of his friends have gotten together to stage a benefit performance and to solicit funds. The plans for the benefit are just under way so there is little to report as yet, but stay tuned to this page for updates. If you can help Scott by sending a donation or buying merchandise, that would really help him a lot.

All of the information you need to buy merchandise or send a donation with a check is on the Merch link. Donations through PayPal (click here!)can be made by clicking on the Donate button. If you don’t have a PayPal account, they accept credit cards.

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