SONIC BOOM BOYS - Generation 3

SONIC BOOM BOYS Generation 3 cd 2001
Cheap and Nasty Rock N' Roll / Rocket Boy / Don't Only Happen to Girls / Goin' Under
C'mon Everybody / You Ain't No Star / Suicide / Skull City / Ain't Gonna Bring Us Down / Hand on Heart.
Produced by Sonic Boom Boys.
Sonic Boom Boys: Geoff Star: vocals / Jonte Grant: drums / Jet Storm: guitar / Luke Isabelle: bass.
"I first heard London, UK based garage glam slam punk n' rollers The Sonic Boom Boys back in the long hot Summer of 2001. The SBB's had just recorded their debut album "Generation 3" but their bass player had left and my pal (and now bassist/singer for The Eruptors) Jeff Pepsii: Reich Fuhrer of Rock, got the gig.
The album was a short sharp shock of sleazy rock n' roll to the London music scene, and the adrenaline-fueled gigs were even more frantic, sealing the SBB's reputation as one of the loudest and fastest cheap and nasty rock n' roll bands this side of Scandinavia. Visually, Sonic Boom Boys gigs kind of resembled the cover from the Hanoi Rocks album "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes", generally rocking out and throwing shapes in a blizzard of oversized shades, cool threads, and rock star haircuts. The lead guitarist was called Jet Storm and the front man was called Geoff Starr, we all thought that was pretty cool.
After a few treks around Europe rocking out and inciting mayhem, Jeff Pepsii (bass) and Jonty (drums) left. They were replaced by Aku (bass) and Sasu (drums), and this new SBB's line up decided to go to Holland and re-record the song "Ain't Gonna Bring Us Down" from the album, plus a cover version of Social Distortion's "Another State Of Mind", for release as a strictly limited 7" single on coloured vinyl (Buy It HERE). The new skuzzed up and fuzzed up mega up low-fi version of "Ain't Gonna Bring Us Down" is closer to the speed and aggression of the Sonic Boom Boys live experience than was achieved on the original album version. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it virtually jumped off the turntable, took a flick knife to my speakers, and threw a cement mixer through the front window. Or at least that's how it sounded. Apparently they recorded these songs with all the amp settings and pedals turned up to the max. Because of that, you really need to turn this up to a ridiculous volume to get through the feed back and distortion drenched production, but then again, what sort of volume do you expect to play obnoxiously distorted sleaze punk at ?!
I think that this is a pretty cool single. Anyway don't just take my word for it because I hear that you can check it out for yourself. Just don't forget to crank it up to 13! Source
Buy It HERE !

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SONIC BOOM BOYS: Generation 3 cd 2001

"Hailing from London, England. They sound punk. They sound garage. SONIC BOOM BOYS are influenced by Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys, Social Distortion and Hanoi Rocks etc. to name a few. The band was known as one of the loudest rock 'n' roll bands on the UK and European underground scenes..."